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Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson, former CNN anchor Brian Stelter

Independent news anchors Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones have revealed they had drinks together and pulled a prank on former CNN anchor Brian Stelter.

Carlson aired the latest episode of his Twitter/X show on Thursday with a lengthy interview with the InfoWars founder.

During the wide-ranging discussion, Carlson and Jones revealed that they had “dinner at a bar” the night before.

“There were a few drinks,” Carlson noted.

The couple revealed that they called Stelter after dinner.

Then Carlson remembered the joke.


Elsewhere in the interview, Jones also claimed that the Secret Service and other informants told him that Democratic President Joe Biden is on “drugs” and “wandering around … naked in the White House in the middle of the night”.

“That's what I was told by the Secret Service and people who, let's say, work with them,” Jones told Carlson.

“I'll leave it at that, but I actually have a contact for you.

“In fact, you'll be able to hear from them when this is over.

“I'll let you hear it for yourself.

“I think they'll tell you off the record,” Jones continued

“I think they're willing to talk to you.”

“He's completely out of his mind,” she said of Biden.

“He's been walking around for two and a half years, but he's getting worse, naked in the White House in the middle of the night, he doesn't know who he is.

“They have to give him a lot of drugs, a lot of methamphetamines in the morning, and then they have to drug him at night.

“Sometimes it has to, though.

“He'll be out in the morning for a while and then come back in the evening to have a ball.

“That's when there's a real problem.”

Carlson responded by telling Jones that he has also confirmed that Biden is taking drugs.

“He's on drugs,” Carlson claimed.

“I've established it. And I know someone who witnessed it.

“I can't imagine that,” he noted.

“I personally know someone who witnessed him taking amphetamines.

“And that was during the 2020 election,” Carlson said.

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