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About the cowardice of American scientists

Why do Covid mRNA knockdowns cause myocarditis and autoimmune diseases?

What is the impact of the unusual immune system changes they cause?

They increase their risks with each dose and, if so, offer them no one does it make sense now?

Above all, are the shots safe long term?

None of these questions have quick answers. mRNA traits are enormously complex, and scientists have almost no long-term data on them. Before 2020 they were just another unproven biotech slowly progressing through early-stage human trials.

But answers must be found More than a billion people received the mRNAs, making it perhaps the largest medical experiment in history. It is now clear that Pfizer and Moderna’s clinical trials missed crucial risks and side effects, including menstrual disruption, myocarditis and other cardiovascular problems, and autoimmune crises.


Some scientists are trying to do the crucial work that is needed.

Only in recent weeks have investigators stepped in Swiss, Hong Kongi Italy have published papers suggesting that myocarditis caused by mRNA is more common and may injure the heart for longer than previously known, while South Korea cardiologists reported nearly two dozen fatal cases of myocarditis caused by mRNA.

Only yesterday the immunologists came in Hungary reported that mRNAs over time cause people to produce more than one type of antibody that no destroy the coronavirus, based on last winter’s findings german researchers.

Meanwhile, Japanese scientists have published many studies and case reports on potential autoimmune side effects of mRNAs, including thyroid disease i rheumatic arthritis.

Do you see a trend?

The United States has used far more Covid mRNA shots than any other country, giving roughly 650 million shots to about 250 million Americans.

Since April 2021, when regulators began discouraging the use of Johnson & Johnson’s jab, which used a different but slightly less radical biotechnology and required only one shot, mRNAs have essentially been the not more Covid vaccine technology available to Americans. More than 95 percent of all Covid vaccinations given in the United States have been mRNA.

The United States has spent more on mRNA than any other country, of course. But he has also done that benefited more of them Pfizer and Moderna, which brought mRNAs to market and have sold more than $100 billion in hits worldwide, are both American companies (Pfizer splits mRNA sales and profits equally with the German pharmaceutical company BioNTech).

(Team America! The handsome gentleman behind Uncle Joe is Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla. In addition to having similar taste in suits and masks, both are Berenson v. Biden defendants.)


The US government played a crucial role in the development of both traits, especially Moderna, which the National Institutes of Health helped the company design.

The help was so crucial that in February Moderna agreed to pay NIH $400 million for that. And the United States encouraged in other countries to use them, included offering doses to China in December 2022, a gift the Chinese rejected.

If BioNTech’s key role in the creation of mRNAs means they can’t be called an all-American creation, they’re close. American scientists, companies and government officials directed its development.

Now, mRNAs, to put it politely, have missed their marks.

This failure can be measured in many ways, including growing public demand despite a multi-year propaganda campaign and the unexplained increase in all-cause mortality in mRNA countries after the winter booster campaign past

Perhaps the most basic measure of its failure is this: the choice of countries in 2020 and 2021 was no between mRNAs and no Vaccines against covid. It was between the mRNAs and simpler vaccines based on old technology. Countries that used the old-style vaccines, including China, have had comparable or better results than the mRNA countries, with none of the long-term risks.

But now that the promise of a winter 2021 mRNA miracle is gone, so are American scientists and institutions. The lack of American research on documents examining problems with beatings is becoming more apparent every week.

The gap is particularly notable because the U.S. biomedical complex is the most powerful and best-funded in the world. Without their involvement, progress in understanding these issues will occur much more slowly.

Why this studied disinterest of American scientists? And if something can be done to change it?

Aside from the underlying issue of the long-term risks the traits may pose, these questions are becoming some of the most pressing for mRNA skeptics to answer.


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