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4th Indictment Against President Trump Includes Charges Against Rudy Guiliani, Mark Meadows, Etc. ⋆ Conservative Firing Line

4th Indictment Against President Trump Includes Charges Against Rudy Guiliani, Mark Meadows, Etc. ⋆ Conservative Firing Line

The Georgia Grand Jury returned a 4th indictment with 41 counts against Trump and included indictments against 18 people. In a marathon session the indictments were handed to the judge, who signed off on them after hours. All indicted persons are supposed to surrender themselves by August 25. The trial date (within the next 6 months) will be in the middle of the campaign for President. Georgia even charged him under the Racketeering statute (RICO).

The indictment claims that the myriad of defendants and unindicted co-conspirators “constituted a criminal organization whose members and associates engaged in various related criminal activities including, but not limited to, false statements and writings, impersonating a public officer, forgery, filing false documents, influencing witnesses, computer theft, computer trespass, computer invasion of privacy, conspiracy to defraud the state, acts involving theft, and perjury.” And THAT’s how they came up with racketeering.

Democrat’s goal is clear: make sure Trump is so buried in legal fees and court cases that he can’t win the election. Make him spend all his campaign money in legal fees. Intimidate any lawyer who seeks to represent Donald J. Trump to cause chaos in the proceedings.  Isn’t that election interference?

By now, if you haven’t noticed that the Democrats have attacked our nation’s entire judicial and electoral system, you are part of the problem. All four jurisdictions where the indictments have been centered are rabidly Democrat. Even in Florida, the judge asked Jack Smith why he used a DC Grand Jury to bring an indictment in Florida. Silence. Joe Biden won’t have to campaign at all because Trump will be tied up in court forever. If convicted, The Donald faces over 700 years in prison for all the counts against him in various indictments. And some of them are subject to a Presidential pardon because they are county jurisdictions.

Note: The Fulton County jail is under investigation after one inmate died from bug bites. Will this court proceeding treat Trump right or dump him in a disgusting cell with bugs?

Those indicted with the former President are:

Former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, lawyers John Eastman, Ray Smith III and Robert Cheeley, former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows, former Trump campaign attorney Kenneth Chesebro, former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark, former members of Trump legal team Jenna Ellis and Sidney Powell, ex-Trump staffer Michael Roman, former chairman of the Georgia Republican Party David Shafer, Georgia state. Sen. Shawn Still, Illinois police chaplain Stephen Lee, Black Voices for Trump executive director Harrison Floyd, Publicist Trevian Kutti, former Coffee County Republican Party in Georgia chairwoman Cathy Latham, 2020 Fulton County Republican poll watcher Scott Hall and former Coffee County, Georgia, election supervisor Misty Hampton.

The charges:

The charges include violating the Georgia RICO Act—the Racketeer Influenced And Corrupt Organizations Act;  Solicitation of Violation of Oath by a Public Officer; Conspiracy to Commit Impersonating a Public Officer; Conspiracy to Commit Forgery in the First Degree; Conspiracy to Commit False Statements and Writings; Conspiracy to Commit Filing False Documents; Conspiracy to Commit Forgery in the First Degree;  Filing False Documents; and Solicitation of Violation of Oath by a Public Officer.

In other words, no one can ever contest an election again unless you’re a Democrat named Hillary Clinton. She continues to claim that the 2016 election was rigged. Where are the Grand Jury indictments against her? And how about the election with Al Gore and George W Bush and the infamous “hanging chads” – Democrats bitched and moaned against that election too. The difference here is that some of these blue states actually CHANGED their procedures for elections prior to the 2020 election. Some of those changes were not legal, nor sanctioned by their legislatures.

Former President Trump’s 4th indictment could possibly force a more detailed scrutiny of the 2020 election. But in Democrat-run jurisdictions that effort will likely fail. Trump plans to release all evidence of election fraud next Monday in a press conference.

The disgusting fact is, without a MAJOR unraveling of the Democrat plans from an outside source, this mess will destroy our next Presidential election. What will YOU do?



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