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2 Sex Workers Recount Alleged ‘Violent’ Encounters With Suspect – One America News Network

2 Sex Workers Recount Alleged ‘Violent’ Encounters With Suspect – One America News Network

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OAN’s Abril Elfi
5:10 PM – Friday, August 25, 2023

Two women recount alleged “violent” encounters they had with Rex Heuermann, the suspect from the Gilgo Beach killings. 


According to sheriff’s department spokesperson, Vicki DiStefano, two sex workers who are being held in Suffolk County jail have described confrontations with the alleged murder suspect as “violent” and “aggressive.”

DiStefano stated that the alleged meetings of the two female sex workers occurred more than a decade ago. The women claim to have voiced concern for their safety during the period they allegedly were with Heuermann.

The accusations were discovered through continuous interviews conducted by the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department’s human trafficking unit.

Reportedly since Heuermann’s arrest, the team have been interviewing sex workers, presenting the women a picture of the suspect to see whether they recollect having any interactions with him.

Distefano said that so far, there have been five women who have given information considered helpful to authorities.

Heuermann was arrested on July 13th in connection to deaths of sex workers Megan Barthelemy, Megan Waterman and Amber Costello. The deaths of the women inspired the nickname “the Gilgo Beach killings” after all the bodies were found dumped on Gilgo Beach.

Investigators have yet to confirm if the alleged suspect has any connection in the deaths of several other remains that have also been discovered within the vicinity of Gilgo Beach.

Heuermann is reportedly set to appear in court on September 27th for a second hearing. 

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