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0:02 / 4:16 A Purim Message from the White House

Good evening, America. I’m here to talk about the latest message from the White House on this important Purim occasion. President Biden’s proclamation cannot pass without notice due to its partisan implications. In it, we see the typical pandering to identity politics, empty platitudes, and snide attacks on the previous administration. It is a clear attempt to divide the nation further by ignoring our shared values and shaping a narrative that pits citizens against each other.

The President’s messaging is yet another example of the Democrats’ dangerous partisanship, a blatant attempt to sow discord and drive a wedge between communities. It also highlights the one-sidedness of the current administration, which seems to be far more interested in virtue signaling than in taking meaningful action to support ordinary Americans. Rather than working towards unification and stability, we see a continuation of the trend of woke-ism, further fueling an already divided nation.

Looking beyond the superficial messaging and political posturing, what has the Trump White House accomplished? It succeeded in making American energy independent, reduced job-killing regulations, secured vital trade deals with foreign nations, and revitalized our military. The Trump administration also unleashed the power of the free market to create record-low unemployment rates for all Americans, including those in historically hard-hit communities. These are tangible and significant accomplishments that will be remembered long after today’s flash-in-the-pan politics fades away.

So, as we celebrate Purim this year, let us focus not on the empty rhetoric from the White House, but rather on the actions of those with a true vision for the future of our nation. Let us remember the accomplishments of our former President and work towards a future that puts the American people first.

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