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You thought New York was bad before? Wait until you hear the “Friday Ritual” that Eric Adams has planned for the Big Apple…

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Get ready, New Yorkers, for another wave of cultural diversity and enrichment, and this time we don’t mean the illegals. According to Mayor Adams, he loves nothing more than hearing the Muslim call to prayer during his visits to Muslim countries such as Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Oman. So he has decided to bring this experience to America’s largest city, a place that was attacked by radical Islamists who killed more than 3,000 people. Diversity doesn’t care about your feelings.

The Muslim call to prayer will be heard on Fridays and throughout Ramadan.

The national pulse:

The Islamic call to prayer, or Adhan, can now be sounded in New York City without regard to neighborhood noise restrictions on Fridays, following guideline changes introduced by Democratic Mayor Eric Adams.

“Something I felt when I visited Morocco, when I visited Saudi Arabia, when I visited Oman, when I visited Jordan, when I visited so many Arab and Muslim countries, I heard the call to prayer. ” said Mayor Eric Adams, who is currently presiding over an unprecedented migrant crisis in his “sanctuary city”.

“[T]his city will join a rich tradition, cultural belief and faith… to my Muslim brothers and sisters who are here, as-salamu alaykum,” he continued, promising his audience that “they should no longer request a permission to amplify your call to Friday prayer. You are free to live your faith in New York.”

Even a Muslim businessman disagrees with the decision.

This is crazy. There is a separation of church and state in this country and no government agency should be involved in the adhan or any other religious activity. As a Muslim, I would not want someone who lives next to a mosque in New York to be woken up by a call to prayer at 5am at sunrise, or a child who has just gone to sleep when wakes up in the evening

Knowing the Democrats, it won’t be long before they’re broadcasting the call to prayer across Times Square, several times a day, over loudspeakers.



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