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You Need to Ditch Your Girl-Friends

Children differ from adults primarily because they cannot lie, and if they do lie, it is a sign of the ineluctable erosion of their innocence. And there is something sinister that happens to girls when they reach a certain age: they learn diplomacy. Diplomacy is a double-edged sword that women uniquely excel at. It is a specific art of communication that helps us to maintain relationships so that they do not splinter at every inevitable moment of friction. Diplomacy involves packaging the truth in a more palatable way. It differs from lying, because lying is not merely a change of packaging, but a change of content. 

Good diplomacy requires good emotional intelligence. Women excel at maintaining good relationships because they tend to have greater emotional intelligence than men. They can detect the feelings and emotions of people regardless the physical and logical facts of the situation, much better than men can. This is important for childcare, for example, because loving children is not only about fulfilling their logical, physical needs, but their emotional and psychological ones too.

The same instincts that power the ability for diplomacy, however, are the forces that foment duplicity. This duplicity, in combination with the moral rot of the average modern woman is the reason why I posit that girl-groups will cause more harm than good to any woman who engages with them. 

You become like your friends

Most modern women adhere to the morals incepted in them by the propaganda of modern society. It is true that most people in general usually do not have independent thoughts that differ from the propaganda that was fed to them by the mainstream media. However, women, more than men, are vulnerable to this effect. 

There is a hypothesis that women’s obedience to the status quo is due to the fact that they are physically weaker than men and therefore genuflect to the strongest monkey in the room for security. In the absence of strong moral figures in her life, for most women, this monkey happens to be the government. The leaders of any leftist movement today are women. Leftist movements are funded and distributed by government institutions. Most women are pro-BLM, pro-abortion, pro-promiscuity, pro-lgbt, pro-windmill etc. Women are more likely than men to have pronouns in their bio. They are less likely to disagree with something that the majority agree with.

Disagreeing with the status quo is a dangerous endeavour because it results in ostracism. Ostracism is deadly for any person because human beings are social creatures that need social structures to stay sane. However, ostracism is most deadly to the weakest in our society. I believe that a person who has stronger inner moral strength, is less likely to be agreeable because they know that they can survive even if they are ostracized. They do not fear it. Not fearing the consequences of ostracism, is the fundamental criterion for having integrity. Integrity is the ability to stay true to one’s values and the truth, regardless its social convenience.

Most modern women are incurably degenerate and lack integrity, and for this reason, are unfit to be good friends. It is better to have fewer friends, or no friends, than it is to have degenerate ones. Degenerate friends will lead you astray when you ask their advice. They will betray you when you trust them. They will wish you ill when you succeed, and want you to stay down when you fail. Degenerate friends, in short, want to keep you just like them.

Hive Mind

I have observed it many times that when a woman decides to choose chastity over thottery, she is bullied by her friends for being a prude. When a woman decides to dress modestly, but all her friends dress in a promiscuous way, she changes her dress to belong. Is not hook-up culture in the west the consequence of millions of women encouraging each other that this is the “empowering” thing to do?

The most notorious effect of modern girl friendships is the poor relationship advice. Most modern women do not value marriage and family, or if they do, it is a perverted version of it that invokes the false god, “equality”. As such, they give each other bad relationship advice. They encourage each other to emasculate the men they are with in various ways, and artificially inflate each other’s self worth, if only to get a compliment in return. They encourage each other to delay marriage, and not to depend on any man. Perhaps in another era when the mainstream morals that women absorb were more…moral, female friend groups were not like this. But you never want your morals from someone who has simply absorbed them rather than considered them thoughtfully.

Women no only absorb each other’s tastes and interests, they absorb each other’s politics and morals. If five women in a group are pro-abortion, they will convince the sixth of the same sooner or later. The sixth woman must exercise integrity and stay with her values, but lose her “friends,” or she must forego her values to belong. Often the latter happens unconsciously as she second guesses her values. Or worse, she has never even thought about these important issues and absorbs her friends’ opinions because it is the one she has heard most often.

This last point is what makes young women the greatest political liability: most women do not have genuine opinions, they have thoughts they have absorbed from the media and mistake for opinions. Then, they not only inform their own politics on this, but a proportion of them become school marms that police other people to believe the same thing “or else they are a bad person”. They project onto others their own priority; they believe that being perceived as a bad person is the worst thing that can happen to a person.

Women encourage each other to eat vegan or plant-based food because it is “the right thing to do”. If one woman understands in this group that this is incorrect and actually doesn’t protect animals or help the environment, she is unlikely to bring it up because it will inflame the group and cause drama. Why does such an otherwise civil discussion cause more drama in a girl group than a male one? This is because women prioritize being perceived as virtuous more so than men do. As such, any criticism of their moral position, is a personal inditement. It is the same as if a man punched another man in public.

This is not an accident. The media uses women’s psychology against them. The same empathy women naturally have, in order to look after children and a family, can be weaponized against them to nefarious ends. It can be used to fund policies that help no one and waste money, such as the climate change initiatives. It can be used to champion terrible art because we are “too afraid to hurt an artist’s feelings”. It can be used to fund foreign wars that will cause millions to die, simply because the propaganda was constructed properly.

In a group setting, a woman is so concerned with the other womens’ opinion of her, that she forgets to think clearly. A harsh word or a gesture of exclusion causes immense problems to a woman’s psyche. It is no small feat to overcome this pain in order to think critically and choose to question rather than acquiesce.


The idea that you become like your friends is a universal one. The reason that I focused on women rather than men in this essay is that women are far more impressionable by their friends than men are because they have a greater drive to belong, and to be accepted by the group. Additionally, being a woman, I am not equipped to speak about the homosocial intricacies of male groups and the problems therein (though I am sure there are many).

This drive to belong is natural and has great utility, but it can be your demise if you don’t choose carefully to which group you want to belong. Once you belong to a group, it is likely that the belonging will become more important to you than your integrity, and new circumstances might test you again and again. We see this with political groups for both sexes. Once a person devotes themselves to being right wing or left wing, they hesitate to stray from, or to even question, the opinion of the group. This is how the group manipulates people into thinking and doing things they normally would not.

Perhaps it is better to disentangle yourself from the group, and find out what you really think, and whether the life you’re leading is one that aligns with your values, or the values that you’ve absorbed from other girls.


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