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Wow: Rocker Morrissey Suggests Migrant Terrorists Could Have Burned Notre Dame…

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France is on fire right now. They are going through their own “George Floyd” situation with all the chaos: riots, fatalities, injuries and fires everywhere. It all started after a policeman shot a North African teenager who allegedly threatened him and then tried to escape, sparking a risky high-speed chase. The hatred and vitriol coming from the Muslim migrants France welcomed is increasingly disturbing,

Meanwhile, all the fire and hate coming from migrants in France has raised some questions about the horrific fire that destroyed a large part of Notre Dame in 2019. Could it have been the work of terrorism? Was it also that disgruntled migrants were attacked during Easter by Christians? This is what a famous British rocker alludes to in a new song. Morrissey, the former leader of The Smiths, is pointing the finger at terrorism by fire, and he doesn’t care who he offends.


English rock star Morrissey sang about the potential origins of the infamous Notre Dame fire while kissing a rosary at a recent concert.

A video of the moment began circulating on social media on Monday, showing the former Smiths frontman singing passionately about the fire, wondering if it could have been an act of terrorism.

Notre Dame, we know who tried to kill you Notre Dame, we will not be silent Before the investigation they said: this is not terrorism They said there is nothing to see here’ Morrissey kisses a rosary on stage with a new song that questions the destruction of Notre Dame Señora

Some “experts” claim that the 2019 Notre Dame fire, which broke out at the start of Easter, could have been caused by a cigarette or an electrical mishap, although there is no hard evidence to support these theories The aim now is to get the cathedral back in time for the Paris Olympics in 2024, unless history repeats itself with another “mysterious fire”.



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