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Woman accused of sexually abusing her son’s twin friends


A 37-year-old Virginia woman is accused of sexually abusing the underage twin brothers who lived across the street from her over an eight-month period. Ashleigh Watts was arrested following an anonymous tip and faces three counts of indecency with a minor. WAVY reports The 15-year-old boys were friends with Watts’ son the same age, and according to court documents, both Watts’ husband and one of the boys’ parents told police the two families were once such good friends that they had an “open door policy” and often went back and forth between each other’s houses, Law and crime reports In February of this year, according to the criminal complaint, Watts’ husband returned home around 2 a.m. to find his wife topless on the couch with one of the twins.

The boy pretended to be asleep and told his parents he had gone home to smoke pot and fell asleep, police say, but later admitted to his father and another neighbor that he and Watts had allegedly been in a relationship sexual since then. June 2022, and that Watts said she would marry him when he turned 17. After discovering the relationship, police say the twin ran away from home in July and was found hiding in Watts’ bedroom three weeks later. His brother alleges Watts also touched him inappropriately and gave him several pairs of underwear despite telling him to stop. people reports (Read more virginia stories.)


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