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Why is Biden’s NEW dog also biting everybody inside the White House?

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Something’s not right with Joe Biden. Sure, this isn’t “breaking news”: we all know by now that Joe is off his rocker. But today, we’re talking about what’s going on with his dogs. As you’ll recall, Biden’s former dog Major was kicked out of the White House after biting several people. This is the same dog who he was likely playing with and “pulling his tail” when he reportedly fell and broke his foot. The story struck many as odd. Why was a wet, naked man pulling a dog’s tail to begin with? That doesn’t sound like the right way to treat an animal, and as a result, Major began biting people and had to go.

So, out went Major and in came Commander, another German Shepard puppy that Biden seemed unable to handle.

Commander was reportedly a gift from one of Biden’s brothers.

Now, a shocking new report has come out claiming that Commander, the new dog, is also biting people inside the White House. What exactly is going on? Is this a “breed” or an owner issue? German Shepards are actually known for being very sweet dogs, so we likely know the answer to that question.

The New York Post:

President Biden’s nearly 2-year-old German shepherd Commander bit seven people in a four-month period after former first dog Major was ousted from the White House over similar aggressive behavior, according to internal Secret Service communications reviewed by The Post.

The shocking spate of incidents involving Commander — none of them previously reported — mirrors attacks involving Major, who the White House says was given to family friends after biting many Secret Service members in 2021.

In the most serious documented incident involving Commander, the White House physician’s office on Nov. 3, 2022, referred a bitten Secret Service uniformed officer to a local hospital for treatment after the dog clamped down on their arm and thigh, according to emails released under the Freedom of Information Act to conservative legal group Judicial Watch.

Records show Commander broke the skin of a different Secret Service member’s hand and arm weeks later after the president unleashed him outside the White House following a family movie night — and the following month, Commander bit the back of a security technician at Biden’s Wilmington, Del., home.

Biden is clearly a frail elderly man. Is a German Sheppard the best breed for someone of his age and physical and mental capabilities?


German Shepherds are often docile and gentle creatures and are rarely aggressive; attractive qualities that make them sociable. Docile dogs are great for seniors who may not have the physical capabilities to deal with a rambunctious dog.

Yes, they’re good dogs for most seniors, but Biden isn’t your average elderly guy. Is it wise to have a large,  strong and very energetic breed like a German Shepherd around somebody who is clearly a fall risk and constantly confused? Probably not. The most highly recommended dog breed for people with Dementia is actually the Pug. The rest of the dogs listed, aside from a Golden Retriever, are small and easily manageable. German Shepherds are not on the list.

You can’t help but wonder, after two instances of aggressive behavior from two different dogs, what the Biden’s are doing or not doing to give these animals the love and care that they deserve.

Remember, this is the guy who allegedly showered with his daughter who later became a raging alcoholic sex addict. That’s right: there’s not just one raging alcoholic sex-addicted Biden child — that we know about. With these kids and these dogs, what in the world is going on with this man, our so-called president?



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