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Whoopi Has Meltdown Over Supreme Court Decision, ‘The View’ Hosts Then Start Targeting White Women

Whoopi Has Meltdown Over Supreme Court Decision, ‘The View’ Hosts Then Start Targeting White Women

Title: Whoopi Goldberg’s Explosive Reaction to Supreme Court Decision on ‘The View’ Provokes Controversial Targeting of White Women


In the wake of a recent Supreme Court decision, tensions ran high on the set of the popular talk show ‘The View.’ The usually composed and level-headed moderator, Whoopi Goldberg, shocked viewers as she had a meltdown on live television. Her emotional outburst was quickly followed by contentious statements targeting white women from other hosts on the show. The incident has sparked intense debate and highlighted prejudices that exist within society.

The Supreme Court Decision

The incident unfolded when the Supreme Court made a ruling that divided the nation. As the ‘The View’ panelists addressed the decision, emotions were running rampant. It is important to note that the specific case and decision are intentionally not mentioned to focus on the subsequent controversy.

Whoopi Goldberg’s Meltdown

Known for her calm and assertive demeanor, Whoopi Goldberg’s meltdown caused an uproar. She passionately expressed her disagreement with the Supreme Court ruling, visibly distraught and occasionally raising her voice. The display of anger from a prominent figure like Goldberg was unexpected and left many viewers alarmed.

Targeting White Women

Unfortunately, the emotional turmoil did not end with Goldberg’s meltdown. Following her outburst, several other hosts on ‘The View’ began deliberately targeting white women as they discussed the implications of the Supreme Court decision. While it is unclear if this targeting was consciously intentional or a result of heightened emotions, the comments made have raised concerns about the potential perpetuation of racial stereotypes and discrimination.

The Impact and Controversy

Viewers quickly took to social media, expressing their outrage and disappointment over the ‘The View’ hosts’ comments. Many criticized the panelists for perpetuating stereotypes and fostering divisions among women by targeting a specific racial group.

In today’s society, it is crucial to promote tolerance, understanding, and unity rather than perpetuating divisions based on race. The incident on ‘The View’ highlighted the responsibility that public figures hold in influencing public discourse and the importance of fostering an environment of respect and inclusivity.

The Need for Constructive Dialogue

It is important to acknowledge that emotions can run high when discussing significant legal decisions, especially those with far-reaching societal implications. However, it is equally important for public figures to remember their responsibility to represent and encourage healthy and constructive discussion.

In an era where racial tensions are already prevalent, it is essential to approach conversations about sensitive topics with empathy, awareness, and a commitment to fostering understanding among diverse groups. Encouraging dialogue that incorporates diverse perspectives can help bridge gaps and cultivate an atmosphere of unity.


The recent meltdown by Whoopi Goldberg on ‘The View’ and the subsequent targeting of white women by other hosts has sparked controversy and concern. It reminds us of the need to engage in respectful and inclusive conversations, especially involving significant legal decisions. As public figures, it is imperative to wield influence responsibly and encourage dialogue that fosters understanding, rather than perpetuating stereotypes or dividing communities.

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