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Who Would Watch? Geraldo Pitches New Show Featuring Himself Just Weeks After ‘The Five’ Firing

Who Would Watch? Geraldo Pitches New Show Featuring Himself Just Weeks After ‘The Five’ Firing

Title: Who Would Watch? Geraldo Pitches New Show Featuring Himself Just Weeks After ‘The Five’ Firing


Following his recent firing from the popular show ‘The Five,’ Geraldo Rivera, a prominent TV personality, has wasted no time in pitching a new show that would revolve around himself and his unique perspective. Although it may seem audacious to swiftly rebound after such an event, Rivera’s ambitious move raises the question: who would actually watch and support this new venture?

A Wealth of Experience

Geraldo Rivera has had a long and storied career in the media industry. From investigative journalism to hosting his own talk show, he has left an indelible mark on the American television landscape. Known for his often controversial and provocative commentary, Rivera has consistently generated both admiration and criticism over the years.

Rivera’s Vision: A Glimpse into the New Show

With his firing from ‘The Five,’ Rivera saw an opportunity to fill the void he was leaving behind with a show that would prominently showcase himself. His pitch reportedly revolves around a format similar to that of a talk show, in which he would discuss key societal issues, interview guests, and provide his unique take on current events.

Despite the lack of specific details, the concept itself begs the question: is there an audience willing to engage with Rivera’s perspectives once again?

The Polarizing Figure

Geraldo Rivera is undoubtedly a polarizing figure, with supporters praising his boldness and ability to foster open discussions, while critics argue that his tactics often overshadow his commentary and diminish intellectual exchange. His notorious feud with political commentator Sean Hannity during ‘The Five’ demonstrated his willingness to engage in heated debates, but also underlined his inclination towards sensationalism.

While controversy can be enticing for some viewers, it can also hinder the credibility and substance of a show — a balancing act that Rivera would need to master for his new endeavor to succeed.

Limited Appeal and Competition

One potential challenge facing Rivera in this new venture is the limited appeal he may have for younger viewers. With the rise of newer personalities and alternative media platforms, attracting a younger demographic might prove challenging for the veteran journalist.

Additionally, the media landscape is saturated with similar talk shows featuring opinionated hosts, often focusing on political and social issues. Rivera would have to distinguish his show from the multitude of existing programs to attract and retain viewers.


Geraldo Rivera’s swift pitch for a new show following his departure from ‘The Five’ demonstrates his resilience and determination to stay relevant in an ever-evolving media landscape. However, the key question remains: who would watch and support his latest venture?

While Rivera possesses a wealth of experience and a unique perspective, he will need to navigate the pitfalls of controversy and competition to establish a show that appeals to a broad audience. Only time will tell whether his new endeavor will resonate with viewers and cement his place in the competitive world of television journalism.

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