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When atrocity and perversion are ignored by the state, violence and crime will become the norm

“A police state is a country run by criminals”

~Robert Harris

There are so many important things to discuss, so many vital arguments to make, that it is difficult to focus on a single issue without seeming to ignore critical elements of the bigger picture, which is the government takeover of humanity. cabal and its pawns in government. The big picture should never be ignored or forgotten, as this is the most crucial aspect of the plot against us, but explaining the path to that end goal is also an essential factor in understanding the enemy that is the state. The focus here is on the criminal behavior that is permitted, the violent nature of it, and the normalization of extreme criminal behavior that occurs due to the state’s deliberate fomenting of civil unrest.

We are currently living in a grotesque environment of absolute ignorance on the part of the bulk of society so fantastic, which leads not only to the expectation and embrace of absurd behavior, but also to the complete and total normalization of hateful and criminal behavior , violence, theft. , gross immorality and perversion. Unfortunately, this is not an exaggeration. Obviously, there has always been crime, and most crimes, and the most violent crimes, have always been committed or sanctioned by the State itself.

Over recent years, the amount of openly permitted violent behavior has been allowed to rise to monstrous levels, but theft, immorality, perversion, brutality, and disorder have grown unchecked over the same period. This extreme behavior occurred for some time simultaneously across the country, and has been consistent in some respects for years. It began in this cycle with the fake ‘covid’ lockdowns, as the group inappropriately called “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) were allowed by this government and its so-called executors, run crazy, causing destruction of property, businesses, commission of theft, burning, looting, violence and, in some cases, death. The false claim of “racism” was implemented to excuse this horrific behavior, thus allowing it to continue unchecked. Another criminal group call antifa, followed the same pattern, and both are little more than terrorist groups. Add to that, especially in big cities, rampant homelessness, property destruction, mass business closures and filth, and what were once beautiful cities are now little more than hellholes with entire sections left just as ghost towns.

To add insult to injury, enter the depraved transgender nonsense, the government and media’s promotion of the so-called “LBGTQ+” crowd, under the ridiculous and idiotic moniker called “pride,” and more disorder, perversion, and child abuse is the direct result. These groups are concentrating on infiltrating not only the evil media, but schools from the elementary through high school and college levels, and large numbers of parents, and I use that term loosely , allow this to continue. Some of the boycotts have been useful against the companies that support this offensive behavior, but it has never stopped and in fact has flooded most media, communication systems and sports facilities. While these groups represent only a small fraction of one percent of the population, one would assume due to the large exposure present, an intentional component structured by state actors of course, that this is the predominant behavior of the majority of the population population It isn’t, but the majority of this population now accepts this insanity as the norm. It consumes television, movies, advertising, and all media to such an extent that someone waking up from a long-term coma would think that the entire world is now transgender, queer, and bisexual, and that all procreation was over.

There is another aspect of this permissive behavior that has steadily grown to become a major problem around the world and threatens children everywhere. This is child trafficking; a hateful and evil practice that has been for the most part hidden and silenced by the State, its politicians, its weapons of execution, most celebrities, the rich and powerful, the financial managers and, of course, also much of the clergy. It’s big business globally, and it says a lot about how much indifference there must be among the general population, for this behavior not to be continually condemned by all. As explained by Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell evidence, few, if any, of the major child sex offenders involved were ever named, prosecuted or imprisoned, although such records must exist. While Epstein was only one part of the global crimes of child trafficking, the fact that most everyone involved was protected by the State and its volunteer officials is revealing beyond comprehension.

The aforementioned, the most powerful among us, are in many cases involved in these crimes, or at least complicit in covering up or hiding evidence of these atrocities, but crowd control has its benefits for the most evil and perverts among us. . They own and control the news, the media, the courts, the judges, and are therefore able to hide in plain sight from any legitimate scrutiny. They protect each other at the expense of the most innocent. Many of the organizations and governments that report the number of victims of these crimes are involved, so relying on the State and its partner organizations to report honestly on these matters will not yield accurate statistics. Since this problem is getting worse at an alarming rate, what is really happening today?

Human trafficking includes many crimes other than minors, but these children are the easiest to exploit and the most innocent among us. The State will never tell the truth about these crimes, because its members, controllers and supporters are often involved, and they are also easily blackmailed. Is there really any way to understand the true extent of all these problems given that the so-called vigilantes and protectors are sometimes the criminals themselves involved? I do not think so.

How easy it is to discern that the concession of violent crimes by the State in recent years, and its refusal to seek justice for the majority of real victims, has caused a massive increase in universal crime throughout the country. Regardless of whether it is looting, burning, destruction of property, perversion, promotion of sexual and transgender depravity, theft, violence or crimes against children, violence and criminal behavior continue to grow.

This does not even include the wars, the brutal killing of innocents by this government, the funding of wars by this government, its corporations and banking institutions, its threats of all-out nuclear war, and its constant war against its own citizens in the form of blockades, restrictions at all levels, fake “climate change” terror, weather manipulation, production and use of biological weapons, monetary devastation and the drive towards technological digitization of all human functions.

A violent and immoral society can only breed more violence and immorality; leading to the normalization of criminal behavior, which in turn leads to the downfall of all social cohesion. Allowing a top-down system of government to exist, which sanctions violence, commits violence, protects criminals, and facilitates crime in order to divide, is anathema to any society free of normal human beings.

The State practices “violence”, the individual must not do it. The behavior of the State is violence, and its violence calls “law” that of the individual “crime”.

Max Stirner – (1982). “The ego and his”, p.197, Rebel Press


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