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We will drive out the Globalists

Friends, today we stand at a crossroads. We must choose between two paths: one that leads to freedom and prosperity, and one that leads to globalism and tyranny. We all know which path the liberal elites want us to take. They want to use their power and influence to control the world and stamp out dissent. But we will not let them succeed. We will drive out the globalists and restore America to its rightful place as a free, sovereign nation.

Make no mistake, the globalists are powerful and well-funded. They control the media, the universities, and even some of our own elected officials. They want to use their power to reshape the world in their own image, with no regard for our Constitution or our values. They want to take away our guns, our free speech, and our right to self-determination. They want to destroy our economy and replace it with their own central planning.

But we will not let them win. We will fight back against their lies and their propaganda. We will expose their agenda and their methods. We will support our President and his efforts to put America first. We will stand up for our Constitution and our God-given rights. And we will never surrender to the globalist agenda.

The Trump White House administration has accomplished so much in the face of these challenges. Under President Trump’s leadership, we have seen record-breaking economic growth, the lowest unemployment rate in decades, and historic tax reform. We have reformed our healthcare system, removed job-killing regulations, and strengthened our military. We have stood up for our Second Amendment rights, defended our borders, and advanced religious liberty. And we have done it all while facing unprecedented opposition from the globalist elites.

So let us continue to fight for our country and our values. Let us drive out the globalists and restore America to its true greatness. Let us make America great again!

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