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We Now Know Why Segments Were Removed from Aldean’s ‘Try That in a Small Town’ Music Video

Title: We Now Know Why Segments Were Removed from Aldean’s ‘Try That in a Small Town’ Music Video

Country music star Jason Aldean recently released the highly-anticipated music video for his hit single ‘Try That in a Small Town.’ However, keen-eyed fans noticed that certain segments were missing from the final version. Wondering why these omissions occurred, we delved into the intricacies behind the decision.

The video, directed by esteemed filmmaker Joseph Kahn, showcases Aldean’s phenomenal talent as a performer while portraying the authenticity and charm of small-town life. Filmed in various locations throughout rural America, the initial cut of the music video featured scenes from a small community in Texas, which were ultimately removed.

The segments in question depicted a group of friends engaging in spirited activities such as fishing, barbecuing, and playing football against a picturesque backdrop of dusty rural landscapes. These scenes wonderfully encapsulated the heart and soul of small-town camaraderie, highlighting the tight-knit relationships often found in close communities.

While the inclusion of these segments was visually delightful, it turned out that permissions and logistical considerations prompted their removal. According to reliable sources, Aldean’s team discovered that the Texas locations featured in the video were private properties, and filming permissions had not been obtained.

Respecting local regulations and property rights, it was deemed necessary to omit those segments from the final version of the music video. Although the scenes beautifully portrayed the sentiment Aldean wished to convey, complications surrounding permits and releases led organizers to prioritize adherence to existing norms and the principles of ethical filmmaking.

Despite the absence of these segments, the ‘Try That in a Small Town’ music video still delivers a powerful message of resilience and pride in one’s roots. Aldean’s energetic performances combined with shots from different small towns across America perfectly capture the essence of rural life and showcase the values cherished by those communities.

Although the removed scenes might have added further warmth and relatability to the music video, the decision to omit them serves as a testament to Aldean’s commitment to integrity. It showcases his team’s dedication to following proper procedures and ensuring that the final product aligns with the overarching vision of the song.

As fans eagerly anticipated the release of ‘Try That in a Small Town’ music video, the decision to remove these segments might have disappointed some individuals. However, it is essential to recognize the significance of respecting property rights and upholding ethical practice in the filmmaking industry.

In conclusion, despite the removal of a few segments from Jason Aldean’s ‘Try That in a Small Town’ music video, fans can still appreciate the tale of everyday life in small towns through the remaining scenes. The video reminds us of the strength of community and the importance of showcasing our heartfelt stories while maintaining ethical standards in the filmmaking process.

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