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We have MAGA at home – The Donald – America First

We have MAGA at home – The Donald – America First

Maybe the Republican Primary race is going that way to get the “mainstream media” attention on the Republicans? If everyone got around to it and endorsed Trump, would there be much less attention?

Wow, just throwing something out there, hoping that Desantis will come around sooner rather than later and support Trump, it wasn’t that long ago that we ALL thought Desantis as VP was an unbeatable team. I really hope Desantis stays MAGA, Asa Hutchinson in Arkansas was great his first term, then his second term was complete RINO, he really disappointed A LOT of Arkansans, by the grace of God we have a great state Legislature in Arkansas and they pushed MAGA stuff even psst Asa Hutchinsons Governor Veto….

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