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“We don’t always get it right”

“I’m going to Disney!”

Well, nowadays not so much.

The house of the mouse used to be synonymous with the place to go to celebrate. Go to the park and wear mouse ears, eat too much food and take a picture with Mickey and Minnie.

You can almost hear this line in Mickey’s iconic voice: “Oh! boyIt sure was fun!”

But the current ticket sales have painted a different picture.


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Josh D’Amaro is the president of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and he gave a very enlightening interview to the travel site The point boys.

“I’ll repeat the same thing I’ve said before: We don’t always get it right,” D’Amaro said.

And no, Disney really hasn’t done well, to say the least.

Forbes reported in November 2022, Disney World decided to raise the price of theme park tickets. The outlet did the math to see how much it might cost an average family to visit the part.

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“Depending on travel dates, a family of four, say two parents and 10-year-old twins, could now pay up to $756 a day for a Disney World vacation, even before the hotel, meals, transport or souvenirs”. he pointed to the dam.

D’Amaro told Point Guys, “I want to make sure that as many options are presented to you as simply as possible. You could stay at a resort if you wanted to, or you could stay at the Grand Floridian or the Grand Californian if you will.

Just look at the two-day “immersive experience” it was Galactic Starcruiser at Disney World. If a family of four wanted to make the trip to a galaxy far, far away, they would have had to pay close to $6,000. Related: Disney announced in May that Starcruiser would be closing permanently.

Disney World also experienced its slowest six-week stretch since 2021, according to the report Disney Tourism Blog. They also noted that spring break was less busy, with wait times reduced compared to last year.

In May, CFO Christine McCarthy warned next quarter’s numbers weren’t going to be good for the company.


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“Please note that in the back half of this fiscal year, there will be an unfavorable comparison to last year’s incredibly successful 50th anniversary celebration at Walt Disney World,” he said.

“In general, we see some moderation in demand as we turn around these types of events, and third quarter performance has been in line with these historical trends.”

This is all superficial corporate lingo, but the numbers speak for themselves, especially in the movie industry that Walt Disney cut into so many years ago.

Disney has it abjectly failed have a lot of recent success in the ticket office, out of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.” The two animated films “Strange World” and “Lightyear” lost the company during a a quarter of a billion dollars. Both films pushed the awakened ideology. “Stange World” had a character in a same-sex crush and “Lightyear” included a same-sex kiss.

With lower park attendance and box office losses, Disney will have to find a solution.

And probably fast.


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