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Watch: Tucker Carlson Sits Down with Ice Cube, Discusses How Rapper Feels About Race and Police

Title: Watch: Tucker Carlson Sits Down with Ice Cube, Discusses How Rapper Feels About Race and Police


In a thought-provoking interview that brought together political commentary and hip-hop culture, Ice Cube sat down with Tucker Carlson on Fox News to discuss his views on race and the role of police in society. The conversation shed light on Cube’s perspectives and the issues he finds himself grappling with, offering a unique insight into the life and beliefs of one of rap music’s most influential figures.

Ice Cube’s Impact on Hip-Hop

Ice Cube, born O’Shea Jackson, rose to prominence as a member of the iconic rap group N.W.A. in the late 1980s. His powerful lyrics and unapologetic approach to tackling social issues in his music made him an influential figure within the hip-hop community. Cube’s journey from gangsta rap pioneer to politically outspoken artist has solidified his reputation as an advocate for justice and equality.

The Meeting of Minds

During the interview, Carlson delved into Cube’s thoughts on race relations and his recent collaboration with the Trump administration. The rapper acknowledged the widely publicized controversy that arose when he shared his “Contract with Black America” with both the Republican and Democratic parties. Ice Cube emphasized that he was open to working with anyone who would help address the inequalities faced by Black Americans.

Race and Police Relations

Cube expressed his concerns about the disproportionate effect of crime on the Black community and the need to address systemic racism while still emphasizing the importance of individual accountability. Drawing from personal experience, he candidly discussed his own encounters with law enforcement and highlighted the broader need to reimagine policing in America.

Throughout the conversation, both Ice Cube and Tucker Carlson highlighted the need for dialogue and cooperation to solve deep-rooted issues. It was evident that despite their differences, they shared a willingness to engage in meaningful conversations about race and police relations.

The Social Media Backlash

As news of the interview spread, reactions on social media were divided. Some applauded Cube for engaging with a conservative news outlet and attempting to bridge the gap between communities with opposing beliefs. On the other hand, critics argued that aligning with a platform like Fox News undermined the rapper’s credibility and served only to perpetuate conservative agendas.

Emphasizing the Importance of Open Conversation

While it is essential to encourage input and promote discussions surrounding race and policing, it is equally important to acknowledge that constructive dialogue can occur in unexpected places. The encounter between Ice Cube and Tucker Carlson serves as a reminder that true progress is achieved through listening, understanding, and bridging ideological divides.


Ice Cube’s recent interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News showcased the rapper’s commitment to confront racial injustices and seek solutions. By engaging in this conversation, Cube demonstrated the power of open dialogue, even on platforms that may not align with his own beliefs. Regardless of one’s political leanings, the interview serves as a reminder that addressing issues like race and policing requires efforts from all sides to create lasting change.

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