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Watch Live | Trump speaks at Faith and Freedom event. – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

Watch Live | Trump speaks at Faith and Freedom event. – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

Trump is the man….the only MAN…among all of the posers, wimps, threateners, fools, demagogues, idiots, liars and just plain libtard creeps who push gender mutiliation which is HORRID and IMMORAL and freaky homo-promoting krap….you are disgusting.

Shame on you and all of those people who call themselves parents…they should be known as RODENTS, not PARENTS. Let’s call them Prodents. You people will get yours in the end, and that means at St Peter’s gate. You may think you’re safe for now, hah, but you’re not, all things come to pass and it will be that way with you. Don’t rest easy . It always takes time, but it will eventually happen and come to you . You best clean up your act but it’s probably too late for that now anyway, you sleazy people. I will laugh, as will so many people , when you are called to own up to what you have done and are doing at this time. Wait until you are called to answer for your deeds, you weirdo creeps who are ignorant aholes wiith no brains, and people who are mentally ill, forcing your skewed morals and ideas and ideals on innocent little beings (children who have no say in the matter and are powerless against what you do) who depend on you and can do nothing to stop you…they have no chance to lead a happy, decent life with the ills you are foisting on them. Keep deluding yourself that it is all OK and healthy, but look at your state of mind, you guys are all fools and mentally ill. Pity to your children.

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