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Watch Full Film | Died Suddenly… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

Watch Full Film | Died Suddenly… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

Why is Dr Malone dissing “Died Suddenly” (“DS”) ?
He says there’s nothing in this which represents new news, as far as I can tell.”.

Well Dr. Malone there are a whole lot of people who haven’t been exposed to this information, for whom this IS new news.
A whole lot of people who were brainwashed and took the vxx and believed everything the ABC agencies told them.
Do you care that they need to be reached as well?
Because their mass formation psychosis (Dr. M. spoke about this @Joe Rogan) needs some carnival barker type java jolt.

Dr. Malone comes unasked to journalist Steve Kirsch’s defense by stating Kirsch didn’t authorize his experiences/opinions/research to be used in “DS”.
Yet Steve Kirsch vouches openly on his own Substack for Dr. Cole’s observations and research on the vxx side effects against naysayers which are also in this video..leading one to conclude Kirsch wants this info in the film. Dr. Cole was in the film.

Dr. Malone lectures about a moral high ground that we on the “right side” must have yet doesn’t point to one specific example in “DS” that is wrong. Perhaps there are…yet Dr Malone doesn’t point to it. He says we are “entitled to our own opinion but not to our own facts”. Okay Dr. Malone, which sudden death depicted is wrong ? If it’s there (and it could be) point to it.
Your moral lecturing is tiresome.

Instead he points to his mea culpa in another video which he had reposted that included a person not affected by the vxx who had been included in this other video..and how it upset the family. He explains how to apologize profusely, in the correct way….

Dr. Malone refers to Stew Peters as “a carnival barker”.
Well, Dr. Malone, no one has to pay money for entry to see this film. No one is minimizing or disrespecting the pain and suffering of the injured in this film. The suffering is everywhere in plain site of respected medical doctors.
Are you saying people should look away from these atrocities because of the in-you-face format or tone ? Please…

And again, as far as the dismissive “carnival barker’ diss, the 1st amendment doesn’t have a prerequisite that people have all the advanced degrees of a Dr. Malone before speaking. And this particular fight needs lots and lots of people speaking up.
It needs some strong java, imho…not ….a genteel slow roll approach.
Dr. Malone, now that you have awoken and moved to the “right side” you’ll notice that everyone doesn’t speak in lockstep like the “wrong side”. You gotta learn to love it. That’s democracy.

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