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Watch: Biden, with a Straight Face, Tells a Story of Something That Never Happened

Watch: Biden, with a Straight Face, Tells a Story of Something That Never Happened

Title: Watch: Biden, with a Straight Face, Tells a Story of Something That Never Happened


During a recent speech, President Joe Biden shared an anecdote that quickly gained attention and scrutiny across various media outlets. In what appeared to be a transparent attempt to relate to everyday Americans, Biden recounted a story that, upon closer examination, seems to be entirely fabricated. While it is not uncommon for politicians to embellish stories or take creative liberties while speaking publicly, the question that arises is, why would the President resort to such tactics? This article delves into the details of the incident, highlighting the implications it holds for Biden’s credibility.

The Story:

During a virtual event, President Biden recounted a story about a former lieutenant colonel in Iraq who tackled a suicide bomber, preventing countless deaths and earning him the Silver Star. According to Biden, he presented the lieutenant colonel with the prestigious award during a ceremony in the White House. However, the problem is that this event never occurred.

Fact Check:

Upon investigating the narrative shared by the President, various sources have confirmed that there is no record of such an incident happening during Biden’s time as Vice President or since he took office as President. Additionally, no lieutenant colonel fitting the description provided by Biden has been identified either. This lack of concrete evidence has only raised further doubts about the story’s authenticity.


The President’s decision to fabricate or misremember a crucial event raises concerns about his honesty and credibility. While one might argue that this may be a case of the President misspeaking or confusing details, it is essential to examine the potential motivations behind such storytelling.

Firstly, Biden’s intent to empathize with the audience by recounting stories that evoke emotion is not inherently problematic. However, intentionally creating such narratives can erode the public’s trust in his ability to accurately recall and represent critical events. This behavior not only undermines his credibility but may also lead to doubts regarding his ability to make informed decisions based on accurate information.

Moreover, in an era where misinformation is rampant, leaders must be held to a higher standard of integrity. The dissemination of false stories, even with no malicious intent, inadvertently gives strength to those who actively seek to undermine the truth. This incident has provided ammunition to critics who argue that Biden may not always be reliable or transparent in his communications.


President Biden’s recounting of an event that never actually transpired raises concerns over his credibility and truthfulness. While it is important to note that this incident does not dismiss his overall track record, it does serve as a reminder that leaders must remain vigilant in their pursuit of honesty and transparency. As citizens, we must demand accountability from our elected officials to ensure that the public’s trust is not compromised. Only by fostering a culture of honesty can we build a stronger and more trustworthy political landscape.

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