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Washington’s elite are freaking out about Trump’s ‘Frontrunner’ as Biden signals he’s serious about running again

Washington’s elite are freaking out about Trump’s ‘Frontrunner’ as Biden signals he’s serious about running again

America has been in an unrelenting state of crisis since the day ‘Basement Joe’ cemented himself as the 46th President of the United States.

The failed response to the Covid pandemic. Vaccine mandates. border crisis The withdrawal from the Afghan war. Ukraine’s proxy war. Rampant inflation. Increase in gas prices. And now, bank failures.

In the midst of this non-stop stream of bad news for the American people, one would expect the Democratic Party to kneel on the current president’s competence, or lack thereof.

But no, instead, we have a reflexive loyalty to a president whose daily dissolution of policies and even the emergence of basic English elicits no complaints from the party faithful.

However, as 2024 approaches and Donald Trump seems far from defeated, as DC elites have conspired continuously since the day he announced his run at the bottom of an escalator, one begins to witness the silent moans of the cloths of the Beltway establishment.

The Washington Post, for example, is beginning to express concern that the octogenarian president, weakened and decrepit, is preparing to stumble back into the Oval Office.

“Biden makes moves foreshadowing campaign ahead, angering some liberals,” the Washington Post headline said. His tone channels that of the radical left base for whom he acts as a mouthpiece.

WaPo is apparently frustrated that Biden isn’t using his final days in office to push every radical cause the Woke set can conjure up. The DC crime bill is the case.

“Biden’s decision to sign the bill that repeals the new D.C. criminal law, after his administration initially opposed it, could help him fend off Republican attacks aimed at painting the Democrats as soft on crime,” WaPo said.

But it also sparked a rare outburst of criticism from within Biden’s party just as he was preparing to roll out a $6.9 trillion budget that managed to unite Democrats on a range of issues while defending Republicans on popular programs like Medicare,” the story added. .

This is a popular framing for editors to ensure that a target is framed in a negative light. They’re the nameless “critics” who might as well be staff members sneaking around the office soy milk machine.

As he prepares for a re-election campaign, Biden plans to use his presidential platform to try to exploit Republican weaknesses on kitchen-table issues like Social Security and drug prices, while avoiding attacks on crime, immigration and other areas where Democrats are vulnerable with the swing. voters, according to his aides and allies, some of whom spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal strategy.

WaPo editors ostensibly believe Biden is “for real” to run (or in his earlier case, not run) again for higher office.

“In a campaign-style speech that included 16 references to ‘MAGA Republicans’ Thursday, Biden laid out both his budget and his case for four more years in office,” the story said.

“In the midst of the economic turmoil of the past four decades, too many people have been left behind or treated as if they were invisible,” Biden intoned at a union hall in Philadelphia. “Never again. I promise, I see you.”

Biden is unlikely to see the teleprompter in front of his own face right now. However, WaPo faithfully reports that its shadowy handlers are preparing for “Chapter 2.”

“As House Democrats adjust to life in the minority and as the White House undergoes personnel changes in what some aides have called ‘Chapter 2’ of the Biden presidency, the president faces the challenge of guiding his party through a period of turbulence and transition while building momentum to launch his re-election bid,” the story notes.

“While an official announcement is likely weeks away and key decisions on headquarters and campaign manager remain pending, Biden has been sharpening his re-election case at presidential events across the country,” the story continued . “He has spent the past few weeks contrasting his vision with that of Republicans, telling voters he would like to ‘finish the job’ by moving forward on a range of economic issues.”

“Finish the job.” Those are three words every American should fear.

“Biden’s Republican detractors, empowered by a slim majority in the House and feeling that his age and low approval ratings make him a weak incumbent, have sought to derail the president’s smooth path to election generals,” WaPo awkwardly wrote. “They are forcing votes on wedge issues to expose Democratic divisions, challenging Biden’s policies in court and using their oversight powers to investigate controversies and allegations of wrongdoing by the president’s administration and family.” .

An opposition that acts as a political opposition? Say.

“Biden’s decision to sign the legislation left some House Democrats feeling blindsided,” wailed WaPo. “The perceived adherence to the crime center raised additional concerns because lawmakers have also been rattled by recent immigration policies that they say mark another sharp shift to the right by the president.”

“The moves come as Democrats are experiencing vulnerabilities on both issues,” WaPo continued, ignoring that their policies caused the problems to begin with. “Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) recently lost re-election in a race where crime was a key factor. The perception that Democrats were soft on crime also hurt them in several House races in New York last Nov. The Biden administration has also struggled to contain a record surge in border migration, and administration officials fear that lifting a key immigration restriction of the era of the pandemic in May could fuel another wave of migrants.”

This notion that Biden is somehow a “centrist” is comical in its tone-deafness. His presidency has been stage-managed by elites precisely like the deficient left-wing snobs who run the Washington Post.

“Liberals, in particular, were outraged not only by the perceived shifts toward the center, but by the lack of consultation before the moves were made,” the Post continued. “Some pointed to the departure of former chief of staff Ron Klain as a turning point in relations with the White House.”

“There are definitely some concerns,” said Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). “This is a very sensitive time, I think, with personnel shifts in the White House. Historically, I think progressives have felt very confident that they will be heard.”

Congressional Progressive Caucus Chair Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) also expressed uncertainty about the president’s commitment to “progressive” causes.

“I think it’s going to take time for us all to get back on the same page,” he said.

The Post story also shed some light on the kind of Biden campaign tactics we can expect.

“Aides expect him to spend considerable time traveling the country talking about his budget and contrasting his views with those of so-called ‘MAGA Republicans,’ who have called for drastic spending cuts to deal with the nation’s rapidly growing debt.” , the story said. . “The broader goal is to frame the 2024 election as a binary choice rather than a referendum on his presidency.”

The Washington Post is obviously terrified at the prospect of Donald Trump again winning a stunning victory and finding his way back to the White House.

“With Donald Trump as the Republican front-runner, Democrats inside and outside the White House are confident that any internal party disagreements will fade as voters see the risks involved in allowing Biden’s predecessor or another Republican to become the his successor,” the Post reported.

“There’s still work to be done to hold the party together, energize and mobilize it,” said Democratic strategist Stephanie Cutter. “But it allows us to keep our eyes on the Republicans who will have to appeal to a MAGA base and pose a real danger to the country. And this election will be very clear.”

This is the classic way the Democratic Party holds together its disparate coalition of activist groups, unions and corporate interests. It focuses all attention on a “cuckoo” who represents an imaginary threat, obscuring the real damage the party’s disastrous policies are doing to the nation.


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