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WarRoom Battleground EP 342: EventBrite Cancels Conservative Women’s Event

Title: WarRoom Battleground EP 342: EventBrite Cancels Conservative Women’s Event


In a recent episode of WarRoom Battleground, the attention was drawn towards a disconcerting incident involving EventBrite’s cancellation of a conservative women’s event. The show shed light on this event’s significance and the controversy it has sparked. Let’s delve into the details and explore the implications of EventBrite’s decision and the subsequent fallout.

The Cancellation

During episode 342 of WarRoom Battleground, it was revealed that EventBrite, a popular ticketing platform, had decided to cancel a conservative women’s event without providing a clear reason for the cancellation. This move immediately raised concerns about freedom of speech and the platform’s potential bias.

Consequences of the Cancellation

The cancellation ignited a wave of outrage among conservative circles, who viewed it as yet another instance of selective targeting against their viewpoints. Many argue that this incident reflects a growing trend of conservative voices being silenced on various online platforms, stifling traditional discourse and debate within society.

The cancellation of this event also raises questions about the role of online platforms and their responsibilities when it comes to hosting and promoting diverse viewpoints. Critics argue that by blocking conservative events or ideologies, EventBrite is exhibiting a biased approach that contradicts its claims of inclusivity and acceptance of differing opinions.

Censorship Concerns

This incident serves as a reminder of the increasing concerns over censorship in the digital age. With online platforms wielding considerable power in shaping public discourse, the decision to cancel an event without offering a clear explanation intensifies fears of ideological gatekeeping.

Conservative women involved in planning the event expressed their disappointment at being silenced and the potential implications for future conservative gatherings. This episode amplifies the need for a robust conversation surrounding free speech, online platforms, and their role in facilitating a diverse range of perspectives.

Calls for Transparency and Accountability

In response to EventBrite’s decision to cancel the conservative women’s event, several conservative organizations and individuals have called for greater transparency and accountability. They argue that online platforms should be more open about their policies and the specific reasons behind event cancellations, to foster a fair and inclusive environment for all political ideologies.

Additionally, the incident has sparked discussions about potential alternatives to EventBrite and other online platforms that could offer more balanced and open spaces for discussion and event organizing.


The cancellation of the conservative women’s event by EventBrite, as highlighted in WarRoom Battleground EP 342, reveals the ongoing struggle of conservatives to have their voices heard without bias or censorship. This incident raises concerns about the fair treatment of diverse viewpoints on online platforms and the need for transparency and accountability in decision-making processes. It further emphasizes the importance of open dialogue and the preservation of free speech in our digital society.

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