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War Room Remembers 9/11

War Room Remembers 9/11

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Steve Bannon is joined by David Zere and Tera Dahl live from Ground Zero in New York City for the 22nd anniversary ceremony of 9/11. The pair interviews volunteer firefighter Ken Corrigan who served on 9/11 and experienced the death of many fellow firefighters. Corrigan speaks to the long road of 9/11 related illnesses those who served at Ground Zero are facing.  Zere shares his experience of losing loved ones and being a native New Yorker experiencing 9/11. He gives a history lesson on numerous terrorist attacks the city has been a target of and how radical islamic terrorism caused one of the most horrific attacks in history. Tera Dahl who worked with the National Security Council under President Trump gives her assessment on current risks the United States faces saying that the nation is “more vulnerable now then pre-9/11.”

Congressman Eli Crane of Arizona shared a similar out look on the United States national security state. Crane explains it was 9/11 that motivated him to become a Navy Seal. Crane currently sits on the Homeland Security Committee and he expresses his frustration with his colleagues who are failing to secure the border creating massive security threats.

Congressman Ralph Norman of South Carolina also shares concerns over border security. He highlights New York City’s recent massive influx of migrants that have overtaken city streets and now hotels paid for by the taxpayer.

Bannon gives a full picture assessment of how Osama Bin Laden sought to attack Wall Street and the U.S. economy because it represented freedom. He points out how politicians have essentially done what Bin Laden sought to do with economic destruction over the past decade. He is also joined by his daughter, Maureen, who served in Iraq ten years later. The pair recall watching the events unfold live. “I never imagined ten years later I would be in Iraq,” she explains reflecting on the war on terror.

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