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Video: MSNBC’s left calls for post-9/11-style crackdown to keep Americans from getting too patriotic |

An MSNBC talking head has called for a post-9/11 government crackdown as a means of winning “a battle for the hearts and minds” of Americans who might turn against the left-wing mentality and become too patriotic.

Paul Rieckhoff, founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America and Righteous Media, compared the “threat” of this scenario to the “number one threat” after 9/11, effectively suggesting that the Conservatives and Trump supporters are akin to terrorists.

“A lot of Americans are at stake. I wouldn’t dismiss it as something that only people on the right or watching Fox News are getting caught up in. We’re in a battle for hearts and minds and there are people on the fence,” he said. Rieckhoff.


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