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US training grounds are now safe spaces. What could go wrong? – The Donald – America First

The Army has Drill Sergeants, the Marines have Drill Instructors (DIs). There’s no fucking way the DIs aren’t screaming. By no means do the recruits shout either. Your voice changes in bootcamp (the army doesn’t have boot camp, they have basic training, the headline is wrong) because you scream for 3 months straight. It is practical. If you don’t know how to scream, no one will hear your weak dog sounds about the battle when you see a grenade land on your friends.

When the military is doing stupid shit like they always do, please don’t lump the Marines in with them. We have our own woke sissy to deal with, but the military’s is way more advanced and they don’t even have the level of history and culture instilled in them that the Marine Corps has to be able to resist .

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