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Unvaccinated dates, breast milk and blood donations. Parental differences over Vax choices

Unvaccinated dates, breast milk and blood donations.  Parental differences over Vax choices

Teryn Gregson

After experiencing heart problems, ovarian cysts and more after the Gardasil HPV vaccine, Shelby Thomson began her journey to create, the world’s first unvaccinated dating site, which has now evolved into connecting unvaccinated blood donors, breast milk donors and more, in collaboration. with the company Wellness.

Thomson joins Faithful Freedom with Teryn Gregson, hosted by We The Patriots USA to talk about how many people they’ve seen get married through Unjected and how their own relationships fell apart on the subject of vaccines, so why start a relationship based on common views around this topic has been the key to many of their success stories of Unjected.

The opinions expressed by our guests on the show are their own and not necessarily shared by We The Patriots USA. However, we value freedom of speech and will always fight to protect it!

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