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Unprecedented DOJ letter on Devon Archer

Maria Bartiromo and House Oversight Chairman James Comer weighed in on the Justice Department’s unusual move to send a letter on the Devon Archer case on Saturday. Bartiromo raised questions about the peculiarity of the situation, especially given the timing of the letter that came before Archer’s testimony.

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Comer, a Republican representative from Kentucky, expressed his own surprise, noting that he had never known the Department of Justice (DOJ) to operate this way. He noted that the DOJ letter urged the court to set a delivery date for Devon Archer’s conviction appeal in a matter unrelated to the upcoming House Oversight Committee hearing.

The fact that the letter was sent the day before Archer was scheduled to testify about the Burisma case to the House Oversight Committee raised suspicions. Comer wasn’t sure if this was simply a freak coincidence or a case of the Department of Justice being weaponized.

He also expressed concern about alleged efforts by Biden’s legal team to dissuade witnesses from cooperating with their investigations. According to Comer, the legal team coordinated with the DOJ and Democrats on the House Oversight Committee to dissuade the banks from releasing bank records, the Treasury from allowing access to suspicious activity reports and potential witnesses to ‘offer your cooperation.

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These actions, Comer insisted, were more than troubling: they may constitute a violation of the law and obstruction of justice. Despite these challenges, he stated that his research efforts will continue unabated.

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