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Unmasking Biden’s Secret Catastrophe Unfolding in Alaska: It Will Paralyze All of America…

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A major catastrophe is occurring and it will hit all Americans hard. When it does, the Biden administration will likely come up with a lame excuse to walk away from this unfolding nightmare. But the truth is that what is about to go down is 100% Joe Biden. The bottom line is that you’re about to see your utilities skyrocket. You might think they’re high now, but thanks to Joe’s antics in Alaska, everything is about to go off the rails, literally and figuratively. The bombshell was revealed by an X user named Wendy Patterson.

This is what she said:

I want to make sure you understand what’s about to happen so you can prepare.

Biden canceled all Alaskan drilling on federal lands. At the same time, it stopped allowing liquid natural gas to be transported by rail.

This leaves the only means of transport by truck. About 2 months ago, the largest trucking company went out of business:

Yellow, one of the nation’s largest trucking and trucking companies, announced it is closing, prompting one of the largest mass layoffs in recent history and possible increases in shipping costs. The company is in bankruptcy just three years after getting a $700 million loan from taxpayers.

So this will create a massive LNG supply chain problem, which means your utility bills, as well as the price of gas, will skyrocket.

Biden used 300 million gallons of gas from our reserves to keep gas prices artificially low. They can’t do that anymore. We’ve been set up in every way to make gas and utility prices skyrocket, so fill up all your gas cans, buy propane, etc. NOW while you can still afford it.

Remember that when the fund drops and the Biden regime tries to blame it on climate change. The sad part is that it wasn’t meant to be.

American security hacker, entrepreneur and software engineer George Hotz does well when he advocates for massive affordable energy.

Energy is not the root of the world’s problems; it is actually the solution. The further we move away from this reality, the more harmful our situation becomes. By now, we should be swimming in a wealth of nuclear power, but we’re not. We really could have had so much fun.

Adding fuel to the fire, Joe Biden has strained our relations with Russia and Saudi Arabia, who will likely retaliate by cutting production. It’s mind-boggling to consider that just a few years ago, under President Trump, the United States was on the cusp of energy independence. Now, the tables have completely turned. The harsh reality is that the Democrats have become an anti-energy, anti-humanity party, leaving the rest of us to deal with the consequences.



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