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Ukraine used British cruise missiles in devastating Sevastopol attack, UK confirms |

This week’s major Ukrainian attack on the Russian port of Sevastopol in Crimea was probably the largest attack on Russian naval targets since the start of the war.

Significantly, the UK’s Sky News has confirmed that British-supplied long-range missiles were used in the nighttime attack on September 12-13 that likely damaged a Russian submarine and warship. “One Ukrainian and one Western source said British Storm Shadow cruise missiles were deployed,” Sky News reports.

Kremlin sources counted ten cruise missiles fired at the key Black Sea naval port and claimed that air defenses shot down seven of them. An additional drone attack was also thwarted, according to a statement.

The Storm Shadow missiles were supplied to Ukraine after approval to supply them earlier this year was announced from London on 11 May. The missiles have a range of 155 miles, making them one of the longest-range weapons in Ukraine’s arsenal, and are fired from aircraft.


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