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Ukraine takes aim at Russia as Moscow attacks Kiev

In a significant escalation of hostilities, Russia and Ukraine have seen an increase in air warfare this week. Russia faced the most extensive drone assault on its territory since the beginning of the war, targeting six regions, including Moscow. The drone strike also damaged transport planes at an airport in Pskov, near the border with Estonia. Russian officials report that they have thwarted most of the attacks and shot down a Ukrainian missile over eastern Crimea, as well as a drone over the Bryansk region.

In a corresponding act, Russia bombarded Kiev with missiles during the night. The assault was described as the most powerful in the Ukrainian capital since the spring. According to Kiev officials, more than 20 “enemy targets” were neutralized by its air defenses. The attacks resulted in two victims, men aged 26 and 36, and three others injured by falling debris.

Flight operations in Moscow were temporarily halted due to the incidents, causing a knock-on effect on air travel. At least 11 flights were diverted, but normal operations have since resumed.

This series of events means a new stage in the war. Ukraine appears emboldened to attack strategic Russian targets in an attempt to erode Russian support for the war. On the other hand, Russia continues its land crimes, especially in the city of Kupiansk, in northeastern Ukraine, intensifying the conflict on multiple fronts.

Both nations accuse each other of inciting violence and causing civilian suffering, marking another sad chapter in this protracted war.

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