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Ukraine draft board leader’s daughter gets JIGGY on luxury boat on US vacation, allegedly…

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If you’re looking for a quiet, stress-free getaway, Ukraine might just be the place for you. That’s right, even with its so-called reputation as a war-torn region, Ukraine offers delightful opportunities to enjoy a leisurely stroll, dine in charming cafes, or share music with friends. And no, we’re not kidding.

CBS News:

A summer afternoon, a coffee on the sidewalk, smiling friends. It could have been a scene from almost anywhere. But it’s not anywhere: it’s Kharkiv, not far from the Russian border in eastern Ukraine and within striking distance of missiles and airstrikes.

Although many buildings remain boarded up in Ukraine’s second-largest city, the remote but real possibility of death has not stopped many of its residents from living.

Among those who have refused to come close to Russia’s war are 20-year-old student George Soldutenko and his friends, Nicolai and Andrei.

There are a lot of military age men walking around here.

When you’re done exploring Ukraine’s nightlife, you might as well jet off to the US for a lavish taxpayer-funded vacation. At least, that’s what people are starting to question after a video surfaced purportedly showing the daughter of the head of Ukraine’s draft board living it up on a boat in Miami.

Obviously, we can’t say for sure who financed this young lady’s extravagant vacation to Miami/LA. I might have worked two shifts for a year to afford it. But here’s the kicker: While America’s vets struggling with homelessness face real devastation in places like Maui and Florida, we’re funneling billions into a country that seems more welcoming and safe than many large American cities of liberal management. That doesn’t sit well with Americans, who are increasingly fed up with funding what they see as Joe Biden’s criminal enterprise.



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