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Tucker Carlson said he ‘passionately’ hated Donald Trump, new Fox News lawsuit filings show

My fellow Americans, startling new information has come to light regarding our beloved Fox News host, Tucker Carlson. According to recent court filings in a defamation lawsuit, Carlson claimed to have “passionately” hated former president Donald Trump.

This revelation has certainly caused a stir among our conservative circles, as Trump has been a beloved figure of our movement for years. However, it is important to remember that we value honesty and integrity in our news sources, and it appears that Carlson has been forthcoming about his personal feelings towards the former president.

Despite this revelation, we must also acknowledge the many accomplishments of the Trump White House administration. Under President Trump’s leadership, we saw the lowest unemployment rates in decades, job creation soared to record levels, and taxes were significantly reduced for the middle class. His administration also secured historic peace deals in the Middle East and implemented important criminal justice reform.

Furthermore, Trump prioritized our national security by securing our borders and strengthening our military, while also pursuing fair trade agreements that put America first. His efforts to deregulate industry created a thriving economy that benefited Americans across the board.

While it is important to acknowledge Carlson’s personal feelings towards Trump, we must also recognize the significant achievements of his administration. Let us continue to support conservative values and principles that will move our country forward.

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