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Tucker and Trump Told the Truth to America

Tucker and Trump Told the Truth to America

Tucker Carlson fled Fox for Xwitter in the spirit of freer speech, and on the first night of GOP debates, President Trump – the only man who matters – joined him. Xwitter still censors and shadow-bans, so it’s not actually free speech; thinking otherwise is asinine. On this night, however, President Trump and Carlson spoke freely about the TRUTH.

Here are the important aspects and analysis for the Tucker and Trump interview:

  1. A cautionary opening from Mr. Trump goes down the same exact lane I outlined in my most recent article, where I positioned and evidenced how the schematic to the 2024 election is a rehashed blueprint from 2020. Citing enormous margins in the polls and coordinated attacks by the establishment and their candidate pawns to marginalize him, Trump indicates the same, taking it farther back to 2016, It reminded me of 2016… It would be more appropriate not to do the debate… It doesn’t make sense to do them [the debates]… So, I’ve taken a pass.”
  2. Trump cited the MSM [“fake news” and the “enemy of the American people], its loss of credibility, and its modus operandi of delivering state-sponsored narrative rather than actual news as determining factors in his decision.
  3. Trump elected not to “really use names” to describe “people on stage who should not be running for president” before specifically mentioning former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchison, who Trump described as “weak and pathetic” and “nasty; always has been.” Trump went on to also mention former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as a never-Trumper, citing how his mistrust of Christie prevented him from getting any position inside Trump’s first administration.
  4. Trump cited an obvious weakness from his first term – “I didn’t know Washington,” relenting to the fact that first time around, the swamp drained him [my words, not his.]
  5. In alignment with a mountain of accurate and exclusive analysis at Moonshine, Trump zeroed in on former two-term AG William Barr, who was one of the most problematic and traitorous individuals in Trump’s administration, painting Barr as one of the “Bushies” in reference to what I’ve branded and written about so often and where George H.W. Bush is the head of the snake – Dynastic Bush.
  6. Following up on Barr, Carlson cited how, in his autobiography, Barr “lies about Jeffrey Epstein’s death; clearly lies.” Trump stated, “I don’t know,” when asked if Epstein killed himself. Moreover, he said that he’s unaware of Barr’s position on Epstein’s death. Carlson followed up, asking that, “Why would Bill Barr be covering up the death of Jeffrey Epstein?” “Bill Barr didn’t do an investigation on election fraud, either. He said he did, and he pretended he did, but he didn’t.” Trump cited how the Philadelphia DA McSwain was prevented by Barr from investigating election fraud in Pennsylvania. “Do you think it’s possible Epstein was killed,” Carlson asked, to which Trump replied, “Oh, sure…A lot of people think that he was killed.” Carlson, “He was killed… I’m not a conspiracy person at all…Your Attorney General clearly lied about the Epstein death.” [Hold onto the “conspiracy” angle for the major takeaway in the conclusion.]
  7. In a segue from Epstein, Carlson cited the political trajectory since 2015 that went from mass organized protest to two impeachments to multiple indictments to ask what we’re all thinking: “Are you worried that they’re going to try and kill you? Why wouldn’t they try and kill you, honestly?” “They’re savage animals. They are people that are sick, really sick.” Trump elaborated on the fraudulent “Russia” narrative and their insatiable and feverish political appetites to accomplish partisan objectives. Citing Barr’s lack of a proper investigation [and prosecution], Trump noted how Durham [the report] was a cover-up for their crimes and a substitute for Durham [the valid investigation] as the Moonshine analysis has positioned [essentially alone]; arduously and repeatedly evidencing it since 01 Jan 20.
  8. Trump noted that the Inspector General for the Justice Department, Michael Horowitz, “did a phenomenal report,” specifically referencing James Comey and Andrew McCabe [ergo the FBI]“These people are sick people. These are people that…I think they hate our country if you want to know the truth.” In not-so-veiled fashion, Trump is citing the treason so deeply steeped in the Moonshine analysis.
  9. Referencing open borders and other disastrous policies, Trump follows up on the people who “hate our country,” making a veiled reference to a major piece of analysis at Moonshine: Cloward-Piven strategy.
  10. Trump confirms the primary position at Moonshine that is essential for comprehending the broader geopolitical landscape: the 2020 election was rigged and stolen, and the construct of enterprise fraud that people mistake for a “pandemic” – COVID-19 – was fabricated to steal it. Trump elaborated stating that the evidence is overwhelming, but judges, prosecutors, etc., refused to buck the system and swim upstream against the establishment and its bar system [licensure] to challenge 2020. According to longstanding policy borne out of the 1963 Kennedy assassination, Trump noted how anyone off-reservation in 2020 is branded a “conspiracy theorist” [again, hold onto the “conspiracy” angle for the major takeaway in the conclusion.]
  11. Citing “Crooked Joe Biden” as “the worst president in the history of our country,” Trump noted an unprecedented American spirit from the American people, stating that he doesn’t believe Biden will “make it to November 2024,” as Carlson put it. This is a remark for low-information voters not realizing that Biden is on point for Obama’s third and arguably fourth term. Trump expanded on Biden’s frailty and marked decline both psychologically and physically, taking a shot at Biden’s frequency of beach visits.
  12. Segueing to the Russia/Ukraine war, Trump cites Biden’s incompetence and inability to diplomatically bring it to an end. “If I were president, it would have never started,” Trump stated. Again, these are remarks for low-information voters as informed voters know that Ukraine is the hub of global money laundering operations and the Russia/Ukraine “war” is a manufactured one borne out of Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry/Nuland regime change efforts during the Euromaidan Revolution. This is where Trump and Putin found common ground, as my analysis longstanding has held.
  13. Trump expanded his focus to VP Kamala Harris as an equally poor 2024 candidate in her own way, saying, “She speaks in rhyme,” referencing her regular delivery as a nursery rhyme. California Governor Gavin Newsom was noted by Carlson as a possibility among “others” cited by Trump.
  14. Speaking of diplomatic relations with world leaders and specifically the presidents of nuclear powers China [Xi Jinping], Russia [Vladimir Putin], and North Korea [Kim Jong-Un], Trump indicated that the current thermonuclear threat would have already occurred had Clinton been elected.
  15. Trump-aligned his position on the U.S…………….. government, according to the Moonshine analysis, positioning Biden as a Chinese proxy in what amounts to Obama’s third and arguably his fourth term by saying, “Well, somebody else has to be” [running the U.S. government.]
  16. Trump supported his position on Biden’s proxy status by citing the $3.5 million received by Biden from the wife of Moscow’s mayor, as reported long ago in the analysis.
  17. “Bullshit, it’s all bullshit,” Trump said when Carlson circled back to the assassination question, and Trump replied with respect to his four indictments.
  18. In alignment with the Moonshine analysis that Biden is a Chinese proxy and the Mar-a-Lago raid was an entrapment operation, Trump remarked on two-tiered justice, Biden’s illegal retention of classified documents, and China’s funding of the Penn Biden Center.
  19. Trump then doubled down on China and Biden, saying directly that Joe Biden is “compromised” as the analysis has held for so long, citing China’s direct payments to Biden.He [Biden], in many ways, is a Manchurian candidate. We have a Manchurian candidate, and he’s afraid to tell Russia to get out of Cuba. He’s afraid to tell China to get out of Cuba,” [citing China’s construction of military bases in Cuba and MSM running cover on the story.]
  20. Carlson asked Trump how he would keep the agencies and departments in check, especially the FBI and CIA, to which Trump replied termination is a valid avenue. Trump then cited James Comey’s firing as FBI director and how he was the “insurance policy” for Clinton’s 2016 loss, branding it as a coup d’etat. “When I fired Comey, it was like throwing a rock into a hornet’ nest,” Trump remarked.
  21. Trump admitted that he was not fully privy to the CIA’s operations, noting that after he was removed, he was “surprised” about “many people.” Trump remarked, “We did some very good work with the CIA,” before citing the 51 intelligence officials that fraudulently signed off on the Hunter Biden laptop as an overlay to my deep and unrivaled analysis on the laptop – I received a forensic copy of the laptop from former Trump Administration advisor Garrett Ziegler and contributed to Marco Polo’s dossier on the laptop. Trump estimated that the fraudulent Hunter Biden laptop story accounted for a 10%-17% swing in the vote as an additional overlay to my analysis of the same for an attorney, which appears at
  22. Carlson asked about VP Mike Pence, to which Trump responded, noting Pence’s absolute right to send the 2020 vote back due to voter fraud in P.N., AZ, and G.A. In alignment with Moonshine analysis, Trump references the mixed opinions of “lawyers,” which includes White House Pat Cipollone, who is a longtime point of contention at Moonshine, to send the vote back. As Ziegler has reminded me so often, Trump got bad advisement from those surrounding him. Trump noted that Pence’s lawyer advised against sending the vote back to the state legislatures for redress. Trump further noted that post-election, the ‘Uniparty’ [my term; not Trump’s] overhauled the “Voting Act” to remove the vice president’s authority to reject and send back a fraudulent vote. “Ahhh, so you’re saying I was right. The vice president did have the right to do it, and they said. ‘Yes, he did,’” Trump remarked.
  23. “Oh, they’ll try…” Trump remarked when asked if they’ll steal 2024, which is a direct overlay to the analysis in the last article evidencing how the Biden Administration is going to whip up another fraudulent “pandemic” to impact the vote, which is already underway: COVID-19, RICO, and Enterprise Fraud: Fool Me Once, Shame on You, Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me.
  24. Noting Fani Willis’ fraudulent indictment of Trump in Georgia, Trump acknowledges that the people see through the treason. At the same time, he notes that those prosecuting him for challenging his stolen 2020 election are the same ones challenging 2016 on behalf of Clinton and including Clinton. “The DOJ, Biden and the whole group…” are responsible for rigging and stealing elections, Trump suggested. Trump noted his 3:02 a.m. concession from an off-kilter Clinton in 2016 as ordered by Barack Obama, “You have to do that.”
  25. Noting how Mitch McConnell is “a bad guy,” who was slow to respond to the first impeachment and an advocate of the second impeachment, Trump offered a simple explanation of the Uniparty and loyalty as rooted in the power of the purse and the funding of campaigns as per the position of Senate majority/minority leader.
  26. Trump’s prioritized objectives for his second term include border security and removing hundreds of thousands of criminals back to their country of origin [countering the Cloward-Piven strategy.]
  27. After Trump remarked on the unprecedented spirit, passion, and love for the country combined with hatred for what’s being done to it, Carlson asked about the possibility of “open conflict.” Trump replied about the likelihood of it with, “I don’t know… there’s a level of passion that I’ve never seen. There’s a level of hatred that I’ve never seen, and that’s probably a bad combination.” This is a veiled remark from Trump aligned with a well-evidenced analysis that China is sowing division and hatred inside the U.S. in order to pit American v. American.

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Timing is everything, and the Tucker and Trump segment must be overlaid with a simultaneous post from Donald Trump, Jr. because nothing happens by happenstance in Washington, DC. Therefore, process this interview as informed by this relative to the notions of “conspiracy” as introduced above:

*Image sourced from longtime Moonshine contributor “Wall St.”

With the overlay applied, the major takeaway becomes obvious: TRUMP – the only man who matters – used the Tucker segment to line out the areas of redress for correcting the record with the TRUTH – the only thing that matters – and the so-called “conspiracy theorists” have had it right the entire time.


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The analysis indicates that WHAT COMES NEXT is revelations of the TRUTH the likes of which America has never seen and whereby the depth and darkness of treachery and treason will be revealed in ways to leave no doubt for any American, especially those Americans who have wrongly debased and disparaged President Trump on fraudulent grounds established by state-sponsored propaganda.

From there and once united as WE THE PEOPLE, we get the country back… and not until then.

Watch the full segment here:


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