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Trust me, JP Morgan is a fortress… – The Donald – America First

Trust me, JP Morgan is a fortress… – The Donald – America First

Lots of questions here. I will try to address a few.

The big picture is that the future is likely to not have a US dollar-based hegemony, and the Great Reset is most likely DOA, so no GDC.

We will enter a new era of multipolar monetary regime, which is good. Competition keeps institutions and states honest.

It also means that the US receives 25% overnight purchasing power. We can afford it. Our economy has been running on financial engineering for 3 decades and it’s time to pay the piper.

The challenge is that these emerging economies will rely on cheap and abundant fossil fuels, while the US and EU will compete with expensive and inefficient “green energy”. This will self-correct soon, but it’s a very real problem.

So any geopolitical questions you ask should be answered with the above in mind. The Saudis are not stupid; if they lose any economic power, the House of Saudis will be gone in weeks.

Turkey has ideological issues to deal with as the current ruling class is very determined to return to the Ottoman Sultanate. This is one of the most important nations to understand right now.

Lots of moving parts, but the big picture is that the Great Reset and One World Gov’t won’t happen.

If we avoid kinetic warfare, the future might be bright, but first there are dark times ahead economically and politically.

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