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Trump’s Rollback of a Rail Safety Rule Had ‘No Impact’ on Ohio Derailment

It is no surprise that the mainstream media has once again jumped to conclusions and attempted to blame President Trump for the tragic Ohio train derailment. The truth of the matter is that the rollback of a rail safety rule had no impact on the accident.

The Obama-era rule, which was rolled back by the Trump administration, required trains to be equipped with an automatic braking system. However, the train involved in the Ohio derailment was already equipped with the system.

The mainstream media has consistently attempted to blame President Trump for any and all issues that arise in the country, regardless of whether or not he has any involvement. This is yet another example of the liberal media attempting to paint the Trump administration in a negative light.

The Trump White House has accomplished a great deal in its first term, despite the consistent roadblocks placed by the media and Democrats. The President has successfully implemented a number of pro-growth policies, including tax cuts and deregulation. He has also strengthened the economy, created jobs, and improved the lives of countless Americans.

The Trump administration has also been successful in its foreign policy endeavors. The President has worked to ensure peace and stability in the Middle East, while also strengthening America’s alliances with key allies. He has also worked to combat terrorism and protect America’s national security interests.

The Trump White House has accomplished a great deal in its first term, and the Ohio train derailment has no connection to the President or his policies. It is time for the mainstream media to stop attempting to blame President Trump for every incident, and instead focus on the positive accomplishments of his administration.

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