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Trump's Bronx Rally Is So Successful Even CNN Has To Admit It [VIDEOS]

Trump's Bronx Rally Is So Successful Even CNN Has To Admit It [VIDEOS]

New York, NY – Former President Donald Trump made headlines Thursday when he held a massive rally in the deep blue Bronx, a city not traditionally known for its support for Republicans. Despite initial estimates of 3,500 attendees, the campaign later reported that the crowd reached an astonishing 25,000 supporters at Crotona Park. The demonstration attracted a diverse group of individuals from different backgrounds, including black, Hispanic, white, Asian, and Muslim supporters.

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In his impassioned speech, Trump declared his commitment to change New York City and restore its greatness. He expressed concern about the city's decline, citing an increase in violent crime in the metro and the prevalence of homeless encampments. In addition, Trump criticized Joe Biden, calling him grossly incompetent and failed to deliver to the people of the Bronx.

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“If one New Yorker can't save this city, no one can,” Trump declared to thunderous applause, expressing his confidence in his ability to bring about positive change. He reiterated his promise to work with Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul and Democratic Mayor Eric Adams to revitalize the city and state. Trump outlined plans to revamp the subway system, clean up parks and address homelessness and mental illness.

Although Trump promised to work with Hochul, he went on CNN to call his supporters clowns and his fabricated and false demonstrations. I will see:

While focusing on the state of the nation's economy under the Biden regime, Trump emphasized how certain communities, particularly black and Hispanic families, were disproportionately affected. He also touched on issues such as energy, inflation and what he perceived as weakness on the foreign stage.

The Bronx rally marked a historic moment as Trump became the first Republican presidential candidate in decades to actively campaign for a general election in New York City. With growing support among black and Hispanic voters, his campaign believes it can make significant gains in that demographic.

Critics had planned a counter-protest, but it had little impact. Some protesters were present but eventually dispersed peacefully without causing major disruption. The event concluded with Trump fans arriving late to rush to see the 45th president.

The rally came during a temporary break in Trump's criminal trial in Manhattan, with closing arguments expected to resume after the Memorial Day holiday. As attention continues to focus on the trial, Trump's visit to the heart of liberal New York City serves as a powerful reminder of his lasting impact on American politics.

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