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Trump wins ‘Man of the Decade’ in Michigan county, still leading in polls against Biden – One America News Network

Trump wins ‘Man of the Decade’ in Michigan county, still leading in polls against Biden – One America News Network

NOVI, MICHIGAN – JUNE 25: Former President Donald Trump walks off after finishing a speech at the Oakland County Republican Party’s Lincoln Day dinner at Suburban Collection Showplace. Local Republicans were to present Trump with a “Man of the Decade” award at the event, which was expected to draw 2,500 people in his first visit to Michigan since launching his 2024 presidential bid. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

OAN’s Noah Herring
1:05 PM – Monday, June 26, 2023

Former President Donald Trump was awarded the “Man of the Decade” accolade in a Michigan county that he is reportedly looking to reclaim for his 2024 presidential election bid. 


Trump spoke at the Oakland County GOP’s Lincoln Day Dinner, where he was honored by the Republican party. During his speech on Sunday, Trump condemned President Joe Biden, calling him a “catastrophe” for Michigan and auto production in the state. 

He also spoke on the honor of being indicted by “radical-left Democrats” as he spoke to the crowd of Conservative spectators.

“Every time the radical left Democrats, Marxists, communists, and fascists indict me, I consider it a great badge of honor and badge of courage. I consider it both. Essentially, I’m being indicted for you…”

“Two weeks ago, Joe Biden ordered his top political opponent to be arrested,” Trump said. “That’s me! … Arrested on fake and fabricated charges right in the middle of a presidential election in which Biden is losing by a lot.”

Later in his speech, Trump also pledged to launch investigations into those who have prosecuted him.

“I will direct a completely overhauled DOJ and investigate every radical district attorney and attorney general in America for their illegal racist-in-reverse enforcement of the law,” he said.

This was Trump’s first campaign appearance in Michigan, which was one of the three states that flipped in 2016 to put him in the White House. Although Trump’s popularity had reportedly been on the decline after losing the state in 2016, recent polls showed Trump regaining ground again as he is now tied with Biden in the state.

“With your help, your love, and your vote we will win Michigan and make America great again,” Trump said.

Trump’s appearance in Michigan came just twelve days after he pleaded “not guilty” to 37 federal charges against him regarding his alleged handling of classified documents. 

Despite his most recent indictment and his opponents’ criticisms against him, general election polls from Rasmussen still show that the majority of U.S. voters would most likely vote for Trump in a 2024 election rematch, further leading Biden in the polls.

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