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Trump vows to ‘champion’ families who make ‘brave choice’ to homeschool

(LifeSiteNews) – Former U.S. Republican President Donald Trump, the long-shot favorite to win the Republican nomination for the 2024 presidential election, pledged Thursday to “support the growing homeschool movement” and become into a “champion” for families who educate their children at home if he takes back the White House.

“To all homeschool families, I will be your champion,” Trump said declared in a video statement posted on social media Thursday.

“When re-elected I will do everything I can to support parents who make the brave choice to home school,” she said.

“As president, it was my honor to support America’s homeschooling families and protect the God-given right of every parent to be the steward of their children’s education,” Trump said in the video, noting that homeschooling rates have skyrocketed in the wake of the “China virus” epidemic.

PBS reported in May that “homeschooling has been on the rise with an estimated 30% increase in enrollment since the start of the 2019 school year.”

“With Trump’s tax cuts, we allowed families to use 529 education savings accounts [ESAs] spend up to $10,000 a year, tax-free, on tuition for grades K-12,” the former Republican president explained, calling the provision “a huge win for school choice.”

However, Trump said “that benefit did not apply to homeschoolers” at the time.

“So to support the growing homeschool movement, in my next term I will immediately fight to allow homeschool parents the same incredible benefit: $10,000 per child per year, completely tax-free , to spend on costs associated with homeschooling,” he said. .

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Trump also promised to “work to ensure that all homeschool families are entitled to full access to the benefits available to non-homeschooled students, including participation in athletic programs, clubs, extracurricular activities, travel educational and much more”.

In closing, Trump urged supporters not to vote for Democrats, because “[t]they seek to destroy you.

“Don’t vote Democrat, don’t vote for ‘Crooked Joe’ [Biden].’ Vote for “Honest Donald,” Trump said, laughing. “Thank you so much.”

As LifeSiteNews has widely reported, parents were upset about their children’s indoctrinationadic LGBT ideology, sexually explicit contenti inaccurate and divisive racial agendasas well as mandatory compliance draconian mandates of COVID-19has stimulated a thriving movement to insure parental rights in the field of public education or remove children from the public school system entirely.

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Monday, left-wing news vox outstanding the “remarkable string of victories” achieved by conservatives in offering parents “alternatives to the public school system,” which critics of the conservative push allegedly argue is “destroying the common good.”

In the article, vox claimed that conservative school choice advocates have enjoyed their “most successful year ever,” racking up a string of legislative victories from states like West Virginia and Arizona amid “the aftermath of the pandemic of Covid-19 and a developing culture war” that “shaken the status quo”.

The outlet noted that school choice policies have come in the form of ESAs, which work to fund students, not schools, putting the power in the hands of families to decide where their child should be educated and by whom

“With ESAs, parents who opt out of the public school system receive several thousand dollars in an account that they can use for private school tuition, homeschooling, or other school-related expenses. education”. vox reported


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