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Trump takes a 47-point lead over the Republican field as Ramaswamy climbs to second

Ex-president donald trump is expanding his lead over the field of Republican rivals, according to a new poll shared with The daily signal.

With the support of 60% of Republican primary voters, Trump has a 47-point lead over his nearest competitor in Scott Rasmussenlast national survey.

The survey by RMG Research Inc. was in the field from August 11 to 14, before news of Trump’s impeachment in Fulton County, Georgia. The margin of error for the full sample is +/- 3.1 percentage points.

businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, which had 13%, made the biggest gains over the past two months, rising from 3% in the June 21-22 Rasmussen poll. Governor of Florida. Ron DeSantis he is third in the new poll at 8%, down 7 percentage points from the Aug. 7-8 Rasmussen poll.

The former governor of New Jersey. Chris Christie he came fourth with 5%, followed by the former vice president mike pence and the former governor of South Carolina. Nikki Haley at 4%. US Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina had 2%.

Nationally, Trump averages 54.3%, they say RealClearPolitics. At 60%, the new national Rasmussen poll is the highest number Trump has posted since a June 7-10 poll. CBS News/YouGov put it at 61%.

Among those who support Trump, 83% said they were “absolutely certain” they would vote for him. By comparison, 38 percent of DeSantis supporters expressed a similar sentiment with 62 percent saying something could change their minds about the Florida governor.

With the first Republican presidential debate a week away, the candidates will have a chance to take the stage together, albeit potentially without Trump. The GOP leader has not yet committed to attending the event in Milwaukee, Wis., which will air on Fox News and is co-sponsored by the Young America’s Foundation and Rumble.

The Republican National Committee is asking candidates to sign a “pledge of allegiance,” requiring them to support the eventual GOP nominee and not run as an independent or third-party candidate. By a slight plurality, from 39% to 38%, voters oppose the idea of ​​this compromise. Another 23% were unsure about the idea.

Those same voters, however, would support the RNC’s exclusion of Trump from future GOP debates. Only 27% would favor Trump’s participation without signing the pledge; 54% prefer the RNC to enforce the rules and exclude him.

When respondents were asked whether they would vote for a Republican or a Democrat in their congressional district, the generic GOP candidate had a 48 percent to 43 percent lead. The five-point Republican lead is the largest recorded by the national Rasmussen poll this year.

The poll also spelled bad news for the president Joe Bidenwhose job approval fell to its lowest point in 2023 amid growing questions about ethical lapses and corruption involving him and his son. Hunter Biden.

Biden’s job approval is at 37% and 59% disapprove of his performance in office. Biden was previously around 40% in the national Rasmussen poll, but has now dipped below that mark twice this month.

This week marks two years of Biden’s disastrous retreat in Afghanistan in August 2021. Voters started to sour on the commander in chief at that time and he has never recovered.

Rasmussen also asked Democratic voters about Biden’s in-party rivals. The president has 64% support, followed by the lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at 13%, the governor of California. Gavin Newsom at 7%, and author Marianne Williamson at 4%. Nine percent were not sure.

Almost a quarter of voters (24%) ranked the economy as the greatest threat to the future of the United States.

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