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Trump supporters drop YUGE photo banner at Yankee Stadium

Trump supporters drop YUGE photo banner at Yankee Stadium

Amidst the excitement of a New York Yankees baseball game at Yankee Stadium, a fervent show of support for former President Donald Trump was unfurled as a banner with Trump's photo and the defiant phrase “Never Surrender” she was proudly presented by her followers.

The revelation came courtesy of prominent political activist Laura Loomer, who detailed that Dion Cini, the founder of and America First Warehouse, had orchestrated the display. America First Warehouse, known for its patriotic values, serves as a unique venue that champions the America-First agenda while showcasing products made in America.

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While the Bronx remains abuzz, President Trump's upcoming rally in the South Bronx at Crotona Park on Thursday evening is building anticipation, with the New York Young Republican Club actively working with Hispanic members of the Bodega Association and National Supermarket Association to strengthen the promotion of the event. as reported axes.

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Resonating with opposing political forces, Bronx Democrats are reportedly organizing a counter rally at the opposite end of Crotona Park at the same time as the former president's event.

Since the rally's announcement, fervent waves of support for Trump have surged in the Bronx, exemplified by a determined rally in May 18 following the declaration of the concentration. Trump's fervent supporters passionately championed their cause and urged their peers to participate in the electoral process.

Trump loyalists, voicing their views in interviews with Newsmax, highlighted the struggles facing the city's population and emphasized the deep importance of feeling the care and concern of their president.

This rally has a special importance due to the colossal participation in a remarkable previous event in Wildwood, New Jersey, which drew 100,000 attendeessignifying the former president's enduring and powerful appeal among his devoted followers.

The sentiment of unwavering support for President Trump that resonates through these enthusiastic displays crystallizes the fervor and anticipation that is building ahead of the upcoming rally in the Bronx.

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