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Trump supporter calls for release of ‘Black’ lone defendant held in Fulton County Jail in 2020 election case

Trump supporter calls for release of ‘Black’ lone defendant held in Fulton County Jail in 2020 election case

Harrison Floyd, co-defendant with former President Donald Trump, will remain in custody in the Fulton County Jail as his bond was not set by Judge Emily Richardson.

Floyd is involved in a Georgia racketeering case along with 18 other co-defendants, including Trump. He was arrested in May on charges of assaulting an FBI agent who was subpoenaed in connection with a federal investigation led by special counsel Jack Smith. The investigation concerns alleged attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

Judge Richardson reasoned that Floyd posed a risk of committing further crimes or evading justice if released. “There are grounds to deny bail at this time,” he announced, CNN reported. “I’m going to go ahead and find that you are a risk of committing additional crimes and a potential risk of fleeing the jurisdiction.”

Derrick Gibson, a former New York gubernatorial candidate, was seen outside the Fulton County Jail calling for Floyd’s release.

A Georgia man who supports Trump is demanding the release of Harrison Floyd, the black man who is the only defendant in the Trump case who is being held in the Fulton County

— Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker) August 26, 2023

“I’m in the Fulton County Jail checking Harrison Floyd, the only black man who came in and didn’t come back yesterday,” he said. “What I said yesterday about the two-tiered justice system is what it is… two-tiered.”

“All the others came out except the black one,” he added. “This man had fewer charges than any of the 19, but he is still being held without bail,” he also said.

Pictured: Fulton County Jail booking photo of Harrison Floyd.

The issue of a “full bail consideration” will be overseen later by Judge Scott McAfee, who is assigned to the case.

During his initial virtual hearing Friday, Floyd appeared in a prison uniform and said he could not afford private legal representation. However, Richardson noted that he did not meet the criteria to be assigned a public defender. Floyd also claimed he was not read his Miranda rights.

Floyd faces multiple charges, including violating Georgia’s anti-extortion law, witness tampering and conspiracy to make false statements. Those charges are related to an episode in which prosecutors allege Floyd tried to coerce an Atlanta election worker into falsely confessing to massive voter fraud.

As of Saturday, a legal defense fund set up for Floyd had raised more than $160,000.

Gibson previously made a viral statement about Donald Trump’s prosecution of Fani Wilson of Fulton County, which can be seen below.

This Trump-supporting Georgia man knows what time it is…

“I’m here to support Trump because they’ve been doing this to black men for decades. I know Trump is innocent. I support Trump against the two-tier justice system. Fani Willis is full of shit.”https://

— Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker) August 24, 2023

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