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Trump Slams GOP Candidate Will Hurd for Claiming He’s Running to ‘Stay Out of Prison’

Title: Trump Slams GOP Candidate Will Hurd for Claiming He’s Running to ‘Stay Out of Prison’


In a surprising turn of events, former President Donald Trump has fired back at Republican Congressman Will Hurd, after the latter insinuated that he is running for re-election primarily to avoid potential legal consequences. Hurd’s candid statement has apparently struck a nerve within the GOP, resulting in Trump taking to his preferred medium, Twitter, to express his dissatisfaction. As the political landscape continues to evolve, these public intra-party disputes shed light on the underlying tensions and personal ambitions often hidden behind partisan lines.


Will Hurd is a Republican congressman who has represented Texas’s 23rd congressional district since 2015. However, in a recent interview, he made a telling remark, suggesting that his decision to run for re-election in 2022 stemmed from a desire to “stay out of prison.” This statement not only raised eyebrows but also led to questions regarding the potential legal troubles looming over certain Republican figures.

Trump’s Reaction

Uncharacteristically quick in his response, Donald Trump condemned Hurd’s comment, emphasizing that it was both insulting and uncalled for. The former president took to Twitter, his trusted platform, to express his dismay, stating: “Will Hurd’s reckless claim that he’s running to ‘stay out of prison’ is a desperate smear tactic! Shameful! A true Republican would never sink so low to gain political points.”

Trump’s rebuke illustrates the deepening divide within the GOP. While many prominent Republicans remain fiercely loyal to Trump, others are beginning to distance themselves, weighing personal ambitions against the former president’s influence. Hurd’s remarks clearly hit a nerve, as Trump accused him of stooping to new lows in an attempt to secure support among voters.

Intra-party Tensions

The public spat between Trump and Hurd underscores the deepening rift within the GOP, a chasm that has been widening since the former president left office earlier this year. While the Republican party continues to grapple with its identity post-Trump, disagreements between its members have become increasingly visible.

Hurd’s comment may be seen as ironic, considering that his district is widely regarded as a competitive battleground seat. His decision to run for re-election after co-chairing the bipartisan Future of Defense Task Force might indicate a more strategic aim to maintain control over the district rather than diverting attention from potential legal implications.


As the 2022 midterms approach, tensions within the Republican party will likely intensify. Will Hurd’s controversial remarks have struck a nerve among party loyalists, particularly Donald Trump, who continues to hold significant sway over GOP voters. Such public disagreements highlight the underlying ambitions and personal agendas at play in politics, as politicians navigate the tricky path between seeking re-election, remaining legally unscathed, and successfully representing the interests of their constituents.

It remains to be seen whether Will Hurd’s comments will significantly impact his re-election prospects. However, his statement serves as a reminder that political campaigns can often become mired in personal attacks, taking attention away from substantive policy debates. While it is important to ensure transparency and accountability within the political arena, baseless claims can further fracture an already-divided Republican party, potentially hindering its ability to mobilize support in the upcoming elections.

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