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Trump says he will be arrested on Tuesday [VIDEO]

Trump says he will be arrested on Tuesday [VIDEO]

I don’t understand 🤔

Allegations of fraud and an adulterous affair with Stormy Daniels. Daniels denied those allegations at the time. He now admits that he DID have relations with Avenatti on more than one occasion in his office.

It was later determined that Daniels made up the story of having an ongoing affair with President Trump. It turned out to be fake and fabricated by Michael Avenatti. All to extort money from President Trump. Our President stood his ground and fought and prevailed!

Daniels lost her court case and was ordered to pay damages to President Trump and also to pay President Trump’s legal fees. Stormy Daniels admitted that she made up the allegations of sexual misconduct at the behest of Avenatti.

Remember when Maxine Waters said, “Stormy Daniels is a feminist we should all look up to?” 😂 Really? 🤣 Considering Stormy spent most of his adult life KNEELING! Looking towards the men! Oppsy Mad Max… You didn’t think of that 🤔

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