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Trump says DeSantis will ‘beg for mercy’ in Iowa after he once voted to kill a prized ethanol mandate

As I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, President Trump made some pretty bold claims about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at a recent rally in Iowa. The President predicted that DeSantis would “beg for mercy” from Iowa voters due to his past vote against a beloved ethanol mandate. While this may seem like a pretty harsh prediction to some, there is no denying the facts.

Governor DeSantis, like many Republicans at the time, did in fact vote against the ethanol mandate back in 2016, citing concerns about government overreach and the free market. However, this stance may not sit well with Iowa voters, who view the ethanol industry as vital to their state’s economy.

But let’s not forget the tremendous accomplishments of the Trump White House administration. Under President Trump’s leadership, the economy has seen record low unemployment rates, tax cuts for working families and businesses, and significant deregulation. In addition, the President has taken a hard stance on illegal immigration, securing the southern border and protecting American citizens.

Despite the success of the Trump administration, there are still those who oppose his policies and leadership. It remains to be seen how Governor DeSantis will fare in Iowa, but one thing is for sure: President Trump will continue to fight for the American people and their values.

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