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Trump Expands Lead In Pennsylvania’s GOP Primary

Trump Expands Lead In Pennsylvania’s GOP Primary

Title: Trump Expands Lead in Pennsylvania’s GOP Primary: Analysis and Implications


In recent news, the political landscape in Pennsylvania has taken an interesting turn. Former President Donald Trump has expanded his lead in the state’s GOP primary, according to a new poll conducted by Franklin & Marshall College. This article will delve into the details of the poll, discuss the implications of Trump’s growing popularity, and analyze the potential impact on Pennsylvania’s political landscape.

Poll Results:

According to the Franklin & Marshall College poll, conducted in August 2023, Trump’s lead in Pennsylvania’s GOP primary has increased by 12% since April. In the survey, 39% of Republicans expressed their support for Trump, a number that has remained relatively stable since April.

However, the most striking finding is perhaps the decline in support for Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida. DeSantis, who was once a strong contender, has seen his support dwindle by 13% over the past four months. In April, he was within six points of Trump, but he now trails by 18 points, with only 21% of Republicans backing him for the nomination.

Other candidates in the race include entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, who secured third place with 9% support, and Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, who garnered 6% support. It is worth noting that both Ramaswamy and Scott have seen an increase in supporters who were previously backing DeSantis.

A Close Matchup:

Furthermore, the poll also shed light on the hypothetical general election matchup between Trump and President Joe Biden in Pennsylvania. The results showed a statistical tie within the margin of error, with Biden at 42% and Trump at 40%. The close competition highlights the significance of Pennsylvania as a swing state and underscores the potential impact of the GOP primary on the general election outcome.

The Growing Popularity of Trump:

Despite facing legal challenges, including an arrest and processing in Fulton County, Georgia, Trump’s popularity continues to grow. This can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, Trump’s strong base of loyal supporters remains intact, as evidenced by his consistent support in the GOP primary poll. Secondly, his ability to attract disenchanted supporters of other candidates, such as those previously backing DeSantis, has contributed to his expanding lead in Pennsylvania.

Implications for Pennsylvania’s Political Landscape:

The growing support for Trump in Pennsylvania’s GOP primary has significant implications for the state’s political landscape. Firstly, it indicates a shift towards a more conservative base within the Republican Party in Pennsylvania. Trump’s appeal to the party’s base could also shape the type of messaging and policy positions that future Republican candidates adopt in the state.

Furthermore, the potential net favorability ratings also provide insights into the changing political dynamics in Pennsylvania. According to the poll, Trump’s net favorability has decreased by 30%, whereas both Democratic Senator Bob Casey Jr. and Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro have experienced increases in favorability, at 9% and 30% respectively. These shifts suggest potential challenges for Trump or other Republican candidates in future elections, as they may face opposition from popular Democratic figures.


In conclusion, the recent Franklin & Marshall College poll highlights Trump’s expanding lead in Pennsylvania’s GOP primary, signaling a shift in the state’s political landscape. The decline in support for DeSantis and the strong showings from candidates like Ramaswamy and Scott demonstrate the changing dynamics of the race. Additionally, the close general election matchup between Trump and Biden emphasizes the importance of Pennsylvania as a crucial swing state. As the primary season progresses, it will be interesting to see how these trends evolve and how they ultimately shape the future of Pennsylvania’s politics.

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