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Trump Doss Trial (and All Trump Criminal Trials) Must Be Shelved Until After 2024 Election

It is clearer than ever that Democrats can depend on the legal system to save them from Donald Trump.

If they insist on trying, they can do terrible damage to the rule of law in America.

Last night, Trump asked the federal judge overseeing his impeachment in Florida for uploading secret documents to delay his trial indefinitely. Federal prosecutors want the trial to begin on December 11 12 page answerTrump’s lawyers gave Judge Aileen Cannon a series of reasons why the date is unrealistic.

But the most compelling reason Trump offered was not legal but political. As their lawyers wrote in the second paragraph of their response:

This extraordinary case presents a serious challenge to both the fact and the perception of our American democracy. The Court is now presiding over an advanced prosecution by the administration of a sitting president against his main political rival, himself a leading candidate for the presidency of the United States.


Picking an impartial jury during a presidential campaign will be impossible, Trump’s lawyers wrote. And the time and effort Trump has to put into running for president means he can’t properly defend himself. Thus, the trial and the election intersect in an unfair way for Trump’s chances at both.

The crimes of which Trump is accused are fundamentally crimes of bad judgment. He is not accused of theft, fraud or drug trafficking, much less of physically harming anyone or selling American interests to a foreign government. If the allegations at the beginning accusation they are true, Trump behaved like a childish, entitled moron. (Shock!) But he did no real harm to anyone.

I will say this again.

You know what I think about Donald Trump. His return to the White House would be a disaster. (Although I’m increasingly afraid a second term for Joe Biden, whose decline is more evident every month, could be worse.)

But these elite media types who clear their throats about how Trump must face his day in court because no man is above the law obviously haven’t been paying much attention to the recent plea agreement of Hunter Biden. Which was only topped by last week’s embarrassment who left the cocaine in the White House fiasco

(Wow, who could it have been?)

Surprising but true, Republican voters will begin choosing their 2024 nominee in just six months. The Iowa caucus is January 15th. Less than a month later, the primaries begin, and by the beginning of March many states will have voted.

If Trump is officially the presumptive Republican nominee by then, as seems highly likely, considering he leads Ron DeSantis by 20 points in Florida (!) – a trial will be a frightful political spectacle.

Prosecutors are well aware of this pressure. So they threw out a 2023 date for the trial, hoping to sneak it under the wire.

But the case is too complicated for this calendar to make sense. Trump’s lawyers gave Judge Cannon very good practical reasons for a delay, ranging from the sheer volume of discovery the government has already given to Trump’s defense lawyers to the fact that Trump and his lawyers are facing other trials before December.

The complex procedures required in trials involving classified material also cause delays. As Trump’s lawyers noted, in two other recent cases involving such material, trials did not begin until at least 17 months after the indictments were filed, compared with the six-month timeframe prosecutors have proposed for to Trump

Even under normal circumstances, whatever they are, a trial like this could not happen until well into 2024 at the earliest.

This looming train wreck is why I suggested that prosecutors should have simply presented their evidence in a report instead of indicting Trump. As it is, Trump should simply come out and say out loud what everyone is thinking: I believe I have done nothing wrong and should not have been charged. If you elect me president in 2024, I will ask my attorney general to drop this case.


The left’s hope to replace a trial with an election is deeply mistaken. Let the voters decide. And let them decide BEFORE a trial, rather than trying to settle the case.

If Trump loses, the pressure will go down anyway. It will be a 78-year-old man accused of stealing memorabilia from work, and no one outside of MSNBC will care. Give him the same treatment that Hunter just did.

If he wins, he wins. The voters will have made their choice, knowing full well what they are getting.

A trial won’t satisfy anyone, won’t change anyone’s mind, and will only risk giving us the unthinkable disaster of having a convicted felon elected president.

The sooner Judge Cannon recognizes this reality, the better off we will be.


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