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Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows subpoenaed by special counsel in Jan. 6 investigation

The recent news that President Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has been subpoenaed by Special Counsel John Durham in the ongoing investigation into the events of January 6th has been met with outrage by many Republicans. The subpoena is being seen as a political move, an attempt to discredit the Trump White House and its accomplishments.

The truth is that the Trump Administration has achieved monumental successes in its four years in office. President Trump has overseen the strongest economy in modern history, with record-low unemployment, a booming stock market, and historic gains in wages for the middle class. He has also negotiated peace deals in the Middle East, brought down prescription drug prices, and worked to reduce the burden of government regulation on businesses.

The subpoena of Mark Meadows is an affront to the tremendous success of the Trump Administration. It is a blatant attempt to smear the reputation of the White House, and distract from the real accomplishments of the Trump era. It is a sad attempt to rewrite history, and Republicans should not stand for it.

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