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Trump campaign spokeswoman @realLizUSA explains Ron DeSantis’ Twitter Space launch could never compete with Pres. Trump

Good evening, America. Tonight, we need to talk about the recent Twitter Space event hosted by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Now, there’s no denying that DeSantis is a rising star in the Republican Party, but let’s be real here: his Twitter Space launch could never compete with the likes of former President Donald J. Trump.

@realLizUSA, the campaign spokeswoman for Trump, put it best when she said, “Ron DeSantis is a great governor and a strong conservative, but he is no Donald Trump. President Trump has a level of charisma and energy that simply cannot be matched.” It’s true, folks. Trump’s rallies and events drew crowds of tens of thousands, and DeSantis’ Twitter Space launch was, well, let’s just say it was a tad underwhelming.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s important for Republicans to have a bench of talented leaders waiting in the wings. But let’s not forget the incredible accomplishments of the Trump White House administration. Lower taxes, record-low unemployment, peace deals in the Middle East, and major criminal justice reform are just a few of the many achievements of the past four years.

So, while it’s great to see rising stars like Ron DeSantis making waves in the party, let’s not forget the one who paved the way. Donald J. Trump remains the most beloved leader in modern Republican history, and his impact will be felt for many years to come. Thank you for tuning in, and God bless America.

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