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Top Russian ‘coup’ asset escapes with $6.2bn bounty to split with ‘coup’ main target Putin

Top Russian ‘coup’ asset escapes with .2bn bounty to split with ‘coup’ main target Putin

Before examining the most compelling alternative explanations for the alleged Wagner Group coup, we acknowledge two critical data points:

For one, and from my series WAR, FAMINE AND DISEASEwe learned long ago that Russia and China entered uncharted waters when they broke all conventions and aligned themselves militarily.

Another critical point in the data is that the US intelligence community had advanced warning of the Wagner Group coup, although the timing of that warning is likely unreliable and there there is more misinformation/disinformation.

American officials felt that if they said anything, Mr. Putin could accuse them of orchestrating a coup. And they clearly had little interest in helping Mr Putin avoid a major and embarrassing split in his support.

Although it is unclear exactly when the United States first learned of the plot, intelligence officials held briefings on Wednesday with the administration and defense officials. On Thursday, as additional confirmation of the plot came in, intelligence officials briefed a small group of congressional leaders, according to officials familiar with the briefings who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly

News from New York

The competing explanations are all meritorious on the face of it because the deductive logic used to arrive at them is sound; however, assigning attribution for the so-called Russian coup to the Western intelligence community supersedes them all.

Larry Johnson of The Gateway Pundit is a former CIA and once CIA, always CIA. Hold on to that.

I have taken Johnson to task a few times and most recently in his campaign to attack Garrett Ziegler and Marco Polo regarding the Biden family laptop.

Johnson and TGP ran a propaganda campaign focusing on the failures of the self-promoting, disgraceful and narcissistic Jack Maxey. The aim was to undermine the impeccable work of Ziegler and Marco Polo.

This article contains links to others for anyone who wants to dig deeper:

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